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Oklahoma State Unveils Incredible New Uniforms for the 2023 Football Season

They are here, and they are sick.



[OSU Athletics]


Oklahoma State is taking a classic look and turning it modern with the Cowboys’ new football uniforms.

Oklahoma State on Wednesday unveiled some sensational new uniforms with awesome stripes on the sleeves and an expertly branded “OKLAHOMA STATE” across the chest.

Good golly. Just have a look:

The uniforms are an obvious nod to what the Cowboys wore in the 1980s back when Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders were running all over Lewis Field. It’s a look that hasn’t gone out of date.

Here are a few notes from OSU’s release:

  • For the first time since 2005, OSU’s jerseys include numbers on the shoulders.
  • The orange jersey features white numbers trimmed in black.
  • The black jersey features white numbers trimmed in orange.
  • There are two versions of the white jersey – one with orange numbers trimmed in black and one with black numbers trimmed in orange.
  • The stripe pattern on the arms was worn by each of the three current members of the Cowboy Football Ring of Honor – Bob Fenimore, Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders.

The two white jersey with different colored numbers and letters is an excellent touch, allowing OSU’s equipment staff to match the jersey with specific helmets and pants. Notably, there isn’t a gray jersey in the release.

The jerseys are made using Nike’s FUSE (Field Utility Special Edition) technology. According to the release, the uniforms “combine research-backed innovation with a precision fit to help allow ultimate performance on the field. Among other features, they are lightweight and provide thermal regulation using Nike Dri-FIT technology.” That’s all fine and dandy for the players, but they also look sweet. (Photos below via OSU Athletics)

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