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Oklahoma State voted best uniforms in Big 12

Big 12 players have weighed in on their favorites in the Big 12.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Props to David Ubben, Brandon Chatmon, and Jake Trotter on conducting this secret poll of all the players who attended Big 12 media days[1. Here’s a list of everybody who attended.]. The questions were great, the answers were better, and the results were enlightening.

You should go read the whole thing but here are some of the highlights:

• Everybody LOVES TCU. They were picked to win the league (36%), as the team most guys would want to switch to if they had to switch (25%), and Gary Patterson was picked as the coach most players would want to play for (25%). PLUS they were picked as having the second-best uniforms in the league.

• Oklahoma State was picked as having the best uniforms in the league (43%). That’s great, and I like them a lot, but when a poll has Texas having the seventh-best unis in the Big 12,[1. I think they have the best unis in the country, or are at least in the conversation.] and TCU second and Baylor third, I’m not sure how seriously I can take it.

• Stillwater was voted the second-best road trip (14%) behind Austin (duh) (43%) and this was said by one player: Oklahoma State. The fans, the atmosphere, it’s crazy. You can’t find another like that in college football. Look, I love Stillwater, LOVE it…and I think it’s one of the best atmospheres in the Big 12, maybe THE best. But you can find other places like it.

• 100% of players were in favor of re-instituting the conference title game. I guess I don’t see the point if you’re going to play all nine of the teams.

• LOL at Texas only getting 4% of the “who’s the favorite?” vote.

• Somebody said this about OU’s mascot: They got those horse-pig things. 

Really, go read the entire thing — it’s really interesting. And again, great work by those guys…but really, TCU?!

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