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Oklahoma’s 2018 Offense Currently One of the Most Efficient in Modern Era

Kyler Murray is guiding one of the great offenses in Big 12 history.



If Oklahoma State pulls off the upset on Saturday in Norman against No. 6 OU it will have done so against one of the …. greatest offenses in recent memory (and maybe ever?). I know that sounds like hyperbole, but through nine games, OU is averaging 4.18 points per drive offensively, which is the second best number since the stat started being kept in 2007. The only team ahead of them? How about 2018 Alabama.

That’s nearly 1,500 team seasons, and 2018 OU, 2018 Alabama and 2013 Florida State are the only three teams that have averaged more than 4 points per offensive drive. That Jameis Winston Noles team is still the ?¬†because they did in for an entire year (OU still has a third of the way to go), but even in Big 12 play, what OU is currently doing is kind of unprecedented.

Here’s a look at the 10 most efficient offensive seasons in the Big 12 since 2007.

Year Team PPD
2018 Oklahoma 4.18
2008 Oklahoma 3.99
2017 Oklahoma 3.77
2008 Texas 3.75
2008 Texas Tech 3.64
2016 Oklahoma 3.48
2017 Oklahoma State 3.47
2011 Oklahoma State 3.42
2011 Baylor 3.41
2015 Baylor 3.35

OU is (far!) more efficient this season than both OSU last year and OSU in 2011 (not to mention that sick 2008 OU team). That is terrifying!

One reason for this is of course that Kyler Murray has picked up where Baker Mayfield left off and at times has been … gulp … even better than six was. To stymie OU’s offensive machine is to put the clamps down on No. 1, and I’m just not sure Oklahoma State is equipped to do such a thing.

“I just told them to be ready to fight,” said linebacker Justin Phillips, who actually played in the 2014 edition of this game when the Pokes won. “It’s one of those games where everybody is up and at it and it’s going to be a dog fight while we’re out there.”

It’s going to be that and more for an OSU defense that has been a willing sieve at times defensively. OSU is No. 91 nationally in points per drive given up (13 spots behind OU), which does not engender confidence if you’re an OSU fan that anything about OU’s powerhouse of an offense is going to be much different than it has all year in the 113th edition of Bedlam football.

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