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OSU-Arizona TV Update



Watching the game this weekend on local TV isn’t looking real great for Oklahomans right now. I just received this internal talking points memo from a Cox employee. This is what they’ve been instructed to tell maniacal OSU fans who call in wondering why they won’t see the Pokes play Arizona.


Obviously everything (and everyone) has a price — Larry Scott won’t say no if Boone offers him a 20% stake in the inheritance, but my guess is that the backlash Cox is receiving isn’t enough to warrant paying the price the Pac-12 network wants.

It’s not like if you unsubscribe from Cox, you’ll be able to see the game on U-Verse, so it’s kind of a win-tie situation for Cox instead of a win-lose situation.

My suggestion? Find a friend on the west coast, demand their cable username and password at Prentiss-point (that’s gun point for you youngsters), and watch online here.

Also, I’ll tweet out a shady link of the game being streamed online if somebody can find one on Saturday.

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