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OSU-Baylor Prop Bets



Nov 24 2012 Arlington TX USA Baylor Bears head coach Art Briles talks with quarterback Nick Florence 11 on the field against the Texas Tech Red Raiders during the game at Cowboys Stadium. Baylor beat Texas Tech 52 45 in overtime. Mandatory Credit Tim Heitman US PRESSWIRE

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

I’ve missed the past couple games with the prop bets, but I couldn’t deprive you of them for the matchup with Baylor.  I’m probably more towards the “hatred” end of the spectrum than others as far as Baylor sports are concerned, but I plan to use my blog contributor opportunities to lure you my way as time goes on.

1)  Oklahoma State -5 at Baylor

We’d all feel more comfortable about this game if it was in Stillwater, but is anyone expecting a raucous crowd in Waco?  I can’t figure it out but OSU has owned Baylor while the Bears have managed to upset or compete with ranked teams over the last few years.

2)  Total Points Over/Under:  87 (!)

@Covers tweeted they went back to 1985 and could not find a game with a higher over/under total than this game.  The second biggest they found was 83…same matchup last year in Stillwater (teams combined for 83).

3)  Which will be greater:  OSU total yards or amount of money (in thousands) $cott Drew has slid underneath the table to Perry Jones, Quincy Miller, Pierre Jackson, Isaiah Austin and these three guys?

Yeah, shots fired.  I’m not holding back today.  Before you quickly pull the trigger on the Bears here, keep in mind they are 119th (out of 120) in total defense

4)  Joseph Randle rushing yards over/under:  120

These two teams’ stats are incredibly similar, except for rush defense. The Bears come in ranked 88th nationally giving up 188.36 rush yards per game.  The Pokes are giving up only 124.36 yards per game on the ground, good for 22nd in the nation. On the offensive side, OSU is averaging about 215 rushing yards per game, so if they hit that, it’s fair to think Randle will have more than half of it against the Bears.

5)  Who does worse given the amount of talent he brings in:  Mack Brown or Scott Drew

Completely unrelated to the game but I love taking shots at Scott Drew.

6)  Which is more likely:  Art Briles coaching in the SEC next season or Joseph Randle leaving early for the NFL draft? has Joseph Randle as the 4th best RB prospect for the 2013 NFL draft, and 68th overall, and projects him as a 2nd round pick.  Should guys leave early to be 2nd round picks?  As far as Briles, maybe he stays in Waco with the new stadium coming, but Baylor still won’t be in the same category as Arkansas, Auburn or Tennessee.  ( Prospect Rankings)

By the way, the next OSU player in their overall rankings is Quinn Sharp at 211th (listed as the highest rated punter).

7)  Who will have more receiving yards: Terrance Williams or Josh Stewart?

Williams leads the nation in receiving yards at 1693 while Stewart is 31st at 1007.  It’s obvious who you should pick since both passing defenses are ranked in the bottom 8 nationally, but there’s always a time and a place for a homer pick.

8)  Will Gilbert or Brown come up with an interception?

It would be difficult to find a more disappointing statistic than the total number of interceptions between our starting cornerbacks.  What happened to our preseason projected first round draft pick and the “Bulldog” on the other side?

9)  Which would bother you more:  OU winning the Big 12 in basketball or Baylor winning the Big 12 in football?

I don’t think a conference title is enough to bring out the obnoxious OU fans. Only a small percentage of their fan base will even know they are in the conference hunt in mid-February, and those are the fans I can have intelligent conversations with.  Baylor winning the Big 12 in football…shoot me.

Make your picks here and we’ll see you on Twitter tomorrow morning!

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