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OSU Commit Eric Dailey Jr. Talks Boynton and Basketball at 2023 Nike Hoop Summit

One of the stars of OSU’s 2023 class opens up about his prospects.



Eric Dailey/Instagram

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story said Eric Dailey has signed. That is incorrect. He is just verbally committed. The signing period starts Wednesday.

Four-star 2023 hoops commit Eric Dailey Jr. spoke at length this week at the annual Nike Hoop Summit, where some of the top prospects in the country attend each year to compete against other top prospects and show out in front of NBA decision-makers, about his relationship with Mike Boynton, his basketball prospects, his versatility and more.

Here’s a brief rundown of his conversation with Pro Insight.

On postgrad year

“It gave me an extra year to develop my game and really be that positionless player I am. This year I played 1-5, we had injuries on our team. I was able to play point as well. I was able to lead my team to nationals this year. That postgrad did a lot for my body and my mind. It was really good for me to develop my skills and my game.”

On his growth at IMG Academy

“I feel like each year I played a new position. That really helped my versatility as a player. I feel like each year I got better playing with older players. Each year I got better physically, mentally. I can bang with older people as well. I think my mind and body is ready for the next level.”

On playing with USA Basketball

Since being with USA Basketball as a freshman, I’ve learned so much as a player and a person. Everybody is here to help you. That’s what people don’t understand. You play with the best of the best. You have to find your niche, your role. I feel like I’ve had the role of being a leader, being vocal. Everybody calls me a vet, calls me uncle, I’ve been here so long.”

On why he chose OSU

“I feel like Oklahoma State was different from a lot of schools that was recruiting me. The situation was perfect for me. Mike Boynton is a great coach. The school is in a small town that shows a lot of love. I feel like the love from the coaching staff, the fans, the players, they took me in like I was already there. When you have a relationship like that with the coaches and players coming in, it’s hard to lose like that. I put a lot of trust in them.”

On considering pro options

“My mindset is always a pro mindset. I’m ready for whatever challenge I get. If I get drafted, I’ll be ready for that. If I go to college, I’ll be ready for that as well. I feel like my maturity and my professionalism will take me a long ways. I’m going to be a professional wherever I go.”

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