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OSU Donning Orange-White-Black for Big 12 Opener at Texas

A brand new lid for OSU-UT.



Oklahoma State put a new spin on a classic combo.

For their first conference game of the year, the Cowboys will be donning an orange-white-black combination with an orange “Phantom Pete” helmet with black facemask, white jerseys and black pants.

I gotta say that I’m a fan of this look. The black facemask really completes it for me and it might be my fave Phantom Pete lid to date.

The Cowboys haven’t gone O-W-B so far this year. They wore it against K-State in 2018 and in each of their last two trips to Austin in 2017 and 2015.

For those of you keeping score, none of the guys predicted this specific helmet, but everyone called the O-W-B color scheme in this week’s prediction.

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