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OSU Drops Out of Coaches Poll Top 25 Rankings

Mercifully, OSU is ranked no longer.



[Devin Wilber/PFB]

After getting shellacked on Saturday on the road in Kansas — for a second consecutive week — Oklahoma State on Sunday mercifully dropped out of the college football rankings.

The Cowboys fell out of the Coaches Poll all the way to the “others receiving votes” category. If the poll extended far enough, OSU would rank 29th after receiving 53 votes. That puts OSU (somehow) fourth among Big 12 teams behind TCU, Texas and Kansas State. Kansas (also somehow!) earned fewer votes than Oklahoma State.

1. Georgia
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan
4. TCU
5. Tennessee
6. Oregon
7. USC
8. LSU
9. Ole Miss
10. UCLA
11. Alabama
12. Clemson
13. Utah
14. UNC
15. Penn State
16. NC State
17. Tulane
18. Texas
19. Liberty
20. Illinois
21. UCF
22. Kansas State
23. Washington
24. Kentucky
25. Notre Dame

Others receiving votes: Coastal Carolina, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, OSU, Baylor, FSU, Syracuse, KU, Miss. St., Troy, Louisville, UTSA, Pitt, Minnesota, South Carolina, Oregon State, Maryland, Boise State

OSU was ranked No. 18 in the poll last week which makes it the highest ranked team from a week ago to fall out of the poll. It was one of three teams to go from ranked to unranked this week joining Wake Forest and Syracuse.

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