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OSU Fan’s Guide to the Title Game



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Guess what? Alabama is playing in a national championship game tonight. Rinse, repeat. The dynasty is on ice.

Both fan bases are insufferable, you know this, so who are OSU fans rooting for in the title game? Let’s take a look at each side.


Why we’re rooting for them

Uh, Weeden and Trent Richardson are teammates.

[struggles to think of another reason].

A win increases the likelihood that Saban won’t do something completely irrational like take $10M from DeLoss and effectively end the Big 12 as a competitive football conference.

Why we’re rooting against them

An Alabama wins only increases the strength of the SEC, which in turn increases the chances of another “incident” like the one that happened last year to the Big 12 (us).

They stole Luke Del Rio. “Stole” might be a bit strong, given that he’s walking on, but you get the point.

Alabama is our SEC non-rival rival after refusing to participate in the pre-title game scrimmage Gundy proposed last year keeping us out of the title game last year[1. I wish Alabama was our non-rival rival for any reason.]. So we want them to lose.

Notre Dame

Why we’re rooting for them

They gave us Doug Gottlieb.

There will be many “the hierarchy of college football has been restored!” columns and OSU is part of the conversation, unlike every other time ND has lorded over the football landscape.

I mean really, you want another year of Alabama as defending champs?

Why we’re rooting against them

A Notre Dame win makes OU look “good”[2. Thought I’m not sure this matters after they got Manziel-ed last Friday night.]

I can only handle so many “awaken the echoes” tweets/headlines/magazine covers.

Gun to my head I guess I’ll pull for the Irish. Actually, I’ll pull for Te’o to fall into Saban’s legs while going out of bounds so he has to coach from a wheelchair the entire 2013 season after getting both ACLs replaced.

If we’re being honest.

20-16 Irish.

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