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OSU Football Recruit Aden Kelley is Basically Draymond Green

This fella can move.



A skilled big man who can put the ball on the floor, create offense, and is slightly undersized for the center position?

That describes both Draymond Green, the Warriors All-Star, and Aden Kelley, the rising 2021 prospect from Thomas (Okla.) that is being recruited by Oklahoma State’s football staff to play defensive tackle.

The small-school student is a star on the football team and has garnered offers from more than 20 Division-I institutions over the last year, but he’s no pushover on the hardwood, either. A multi-sport talent, OSU’s interest in him falls in line with OSU’s pursuit of multi-sport athletes over the years and especially in the 2021 class.

Check out some of the moves Kelley can put on here. So, sure, I oversold the Draymond Green comp a bit, but he’s got some moves. And for someone listed at 6-3, 275, he moves really well. That’s the type of fluid athleticism that can really impact the game in the trenches.

But the best part of Kelley’s game, both on defense in football and both sides of the court on basketball, is the physicality. Here’s a sample. Now that’s the type of play that really makes the Draymond Green comp come to life.

May-22-2020 11-10-19

That certainly won’t play in basketball, but it certainly does in football, where physicality and toughness is needed to survive.

Kelley is a top target in the 2021 class for OSU regardless of position. He told me this week he hasn’t set a timetable for when he’ll make a decision or who, exactly, he’s deciding between. But he’s down to two or three schools, wants to decide soon, and “Oklahoma State’s definitely on the list.”

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