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OSU is Averaging 40 Points a Game … and it’s a Disappointment?



“I think that we need to give the offensive staff and Coach Yurcich some credit,” said Mike Gundy on Monday. “It’s not easy to game plan and to be as diverse as we are at times. You guys follow football. You know that, if you do too much, then you’re not any good at anything.”

I … sort of agree with the first half of Mike & Mike in this instance? Mike Yurcich has been roasted during his time in Stillwater, but that was¬†probably always going to happen to the OC in charge when Gundy transitioned from the air raid to, uh, not the air raid. It just so happened that it was Yurcich.

What if I told you OSU was one of seven Power 5 conference teams averaging 40 points a game? What if I told you OSU ranks 18th in the country in points per drive.[1. This takes out the garbage time drives against teams like UTSA and Kansas, too.] Not elite, but certainly good enough to matter when you have the defense it has.

The crazy part is that of the six Power 5 teams ahead of OSU in points scored per game, OSU has four of them (!) still left on its schedule.

Baylor: 61.1 PPG
TCU: 50.1
Texas Tech: 46.6
OU: 43.3
OSU: 40.3

November gonna be any fun or nah?

So now the question stands — is OSU’s offense good enough to win the Big 12 when its defense clearly is? The most prognosticative statistic over the last near decade in determining a Big 12 champ has been turnover margin.

Baylor is out in front there, followed closely by Texas and Oklahoma State. Texas ain’t winning the Big 12. Is it going to come down to that November 21 game between the Bears and Pokes in Stillwater?

I sure hope so.

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