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OSU resumes regularly scheduled practices

The APR ban is lifted because a student from the 1990s graduated.



I would think this is a joke if the NCAA weren’t involved but OSU’s APR ban which limited it to 18 hours of practice a week was lifted on Wednesday because somebody from the 1990s — presumably Gabe Lindsay — finally graduated.

Really, that’s a real thing.

If you’re confused by what the APR is, I wrote about it here.

And here’s the statement from OSU:

Earlier this summer, OSU athletic department officials discovered the recent graduation of student-athlete from the 1990s, which resulted in the addition of a delayed graduation point to push the Cowboys above the threshold for restrictions.

I just…I don’t even know what to say. You know Gundy’s pissed because he’s like “I spent all summer changing our schedule to fit into 18 hours a week and I threw away the old one…bring me a grad assistant!”

Holder is stoked (real quote): “In the long term, this process will be a positive thing for our athletic department because nothing is more important to us than playing by the rules and graduating our student-athletes. This has caused us to re-examine how we monitor the APR and make some positive changes.”

Translation: “I have a 2:30 tee time.”

But yeah, the young kids can practice more now. The kids born in the 90s can have another two hours of workouts because somebody who went to college in the 90s finally finished his capstone management class.

Yay, NCAA!

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