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OSU Slayed Some Texas Demons as Gundy’s Recent Dominance Continues

No Big 12 team has been better against Texas since 2010.



You all remember the exact scores. I know this because three of us who are lifers were talking about it in the press box last night. They are ingrained in the part of our brains reserved for memorable moments, the unfortunate part being that we can’t control whether we remember them because they were good or because they were bad.

  • 35-7
  • 35-14
  • 28-9

That’s 68 combined points OSU led Texas by in 2004, 2005 and 2007. Of course Texas scored 111 in a row in those games and won them all as Mike Gundy went 0 for his first 5 agains the Horns (to be fair, one of those, the 2004 game was with Les Miles as the head coach).

Only OU more thoroughly flummoxed Gundy during the first part of his tenure in Stillwater. Then in 2010 it flipped as Brandon Weeden and Co. won in Austin for the first time since Winston Churchill was doing Winston Churchill things in Britain. Since then, it’s been all Pokes in this series.

“A long time ago here Vince Young and those guys were pretty tough to deal with,” said Gundy after the game. “We’ve been ahead in some games, and those guys were tough to deal with, and they were just able to find a way to win. These guys are good, too. They’re going to win a lot of football games.”

OSU has won seven of nine against Texas (Texas! This will never not be amazing to me!) with two fairly memorable losses squeezed in between all that winning. The 2012 game in which the Big 12 may or may not have apologized to OSU and Mike Gundy for its referees and the 2014 game, which was the precursor to arguably the most successful three-year stretch in OSU football history.

“For me, I’m good,” Gundy said when asked about how remarkable this stretch of prolonged success against one of the top tradition-rich programs in the country has been. “I just want the guys to practice hard. I want them to be encouraging and effort is so contagious.

“For [the team], it was good for them. I told them that. You guys have had your back against the wall for four weeks so you learn to come back in the eighth round, sit down on the stool, put the cold iron, get some water, spit in the deal and then come out and brawl and hopefully finish strong in the 15th round. That’s really what they learned to do.”

As for whether he was having flashbacks to VY and Colt and Jamaal Charles and Cedric Benson, he wasn’t explicit that he had, but he also didn’t exactly say no.

“I didn’t feel bad about it, but I was concerned because as the game goes on against them their girth and their strength and their speed can wear on you a little,” said Gundy. “I was concerned more about that than I was anything else just with their athleticism. I was worried about 84 and 9 going up and making a big play.”

Saturday was another in a long line of more talented (and more disorganized) Texas teams falling at the hands of Gundy and Co. Since that 2007 season in which Colt and Charles burned BPS to the ground, OSU has won 101 games, Texas has won just 84, and OSU is 7-4 against the Horns. Imagine telling yourself that OSU would win 17 (!) more games than Texas in the years ahead following that staggering L.

In fact, arguably no school has struggled more with OSU than Texas in the modern Gundy era. Saturday’s win means that only one Big 12 team has a winning record against Gundy overall, and the picture is not a pretty one for Texas since 2010. We are approaching Texas Tech and Kansas levels of futility for the Horns. Here’s a look at the records of Big 12 teams against Gundy since 2010.

Against OSU Since 2010
Rank School W L
1 Oklahoma 6 2
2 Baylor 4 4
3 Kansas State 4 5
4 Texas Christian 2 4
5 West Virginia 2 4
6 Iowa State 2 6
7 Texas 2 7
8 Texas Tech 1 8
9 Kansas 0 9

And while Texas has been down, elite programs like Oklahoma have still lost to them quite a bit. TCU has been great but still struggled against Texas’ athletes. Here’s a look at the Big 12 teams with the best records against UT since 2010.

Against Texas Since 2010
Rank School W L
1 Oklahoma State 7 2
2 Oklahoma 6 3
3 Texas Christian 5 2
4 Kansas State 5 4
5 West Virginia 3 3
6 Baylor 4 5
7 Iowa State 2 6
8 Texas Tech 2 6
9 Kansas 1 6

So while Saturday’s result may have been a bit of a surprise to … well … all of us, it does fall in line with recent OSU-Texas results, even if this has been a year of upending recent success and streaks.

Oklahoma State beat Texas on Saturday for a number of reasons, and while this run of success won’t last forever, it will at least last another year. With inferior recruiting classes and far fewer resources, Oklahoma State has unequivocally been better than the University of Texas for the better part of a decade now.

And what could possibly be more satisfying than that? (except for that one thing)