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OSU Sporting Rare Black-Gray-Gray Uniform Combo for Texas Tech

OSU unveils a color combo we haven’t seen in six years.



Oklahoma State will be donning a uniform color combination for the first time with this uniform set and the second time ever as it goes black/gray/gray for its Big 12 opener.

This one took all of us, including our staff prognosticators, by surprise.

The Cowboys wore this color scheme with a black helmet with orange brand against West Virginia all the way back in 2012. On that Saturday, a Clint Chelf-led Cowboy squad came out on top 55-34, complete with a Justin Gilbert kickoff returned for 6.

Let’s hope Chuba can commemorate the look with a big kick return of his own.

Okay, to the actual unis. I may be on an island with Mike Gundy and Thomas Fleming, but I loooove the gray and I’m happy to see the gray tops return.

Some have called for the gray to be broken up more, and as Justin Southwell pointed out, the black/gray/black would be ?.

The marshal badge helmet is pretty good. I’m almost always going to prefer the brand but it works with this look.

Some are bemoaning the gray and its diversion from the more traditional, but to me those 2011-2015 uniforms, with their various combinations and schemes, are a traditional all their own. These are kind of a celebration of that.

Speaking of colors, here’s what the Pokes will be matching up with, a pretty clean tri-color scheme from the Red Raiders.


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