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OSU Stats Update



Saturday’s game was rife with drama, daggers, and enough yards for 2.5 LSU Alabama affairs. Stats were destroyed, records were set, Weeden owns the world. Take a look:

Brandon Weeden set a new school record with 502 yards. It’s the fourth time he’s set a personal best and the third time he’s reset the school record.

Joseph Randle inched closer to Terry Miller’s second-place single season mark of 21 rushing TDs with a pair. He’s got 18 now.

Also, here’s his yearly stats compared to Trent Richardson:

Randle: 915 yards | 6.1 ypc | 18 TD
Richardson: 1078 yards | 6.3 ypc | 17 TD


There have only been three 1000-yard 20 TD seasons from running backs. Randle closing in hard on both.

OSU has only been 9-0 one time, and World War II was just ending when that happened.

OSU has only had two double-digit win streaks. This one, and a 13-gamer between 1944-1946. To beat that one OSU would have to win it all.

With his performance last night, Justin Blackmon became one of seven receivers this year to go over 1000 yards on the season. It’s only the 9th 1000-yard receiving season in school history. Rashaun had three, Bowman had two, Blackmon has two, Dez had one, and Hart Lee had one.

Blackmon has 87 catches on the year which would have been the school record in every season but two OSU has ever had.

He also leads the country in TD with 12.

Weeden trails Mike Gundy’s all-time passing yards mark by 252 yards. He trails Zac’s all-time mark by 572.

The single-season school record for completion percentage (that Weeden owns) is 67%. He sits at 72.1% right now.

OSU is averaging 50.1 points a game. The school record is 44.2. Stanford, by the way, is averaging 48.2 a game. That’s the title game I’ve started rooting for.

Only three OSU receivers in school history have multiple 200-yard games. Dez had two, Rashaun had three, and Blackmon now has two. Strangely, Adarius Bowman doesn’t have one,  but he does have a 300-yard game.

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