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OSU still outside of top 25 in both polls

OSU remains unranked, but barely.




The new polls are out and OSU is ranked No. 26 in the Coaches Poll and No. 27 in the AP poll. Here’s how the final few spots shook out in the AP (I think the AP is more legit than the Coaches):[1. I actually can’t believe the coaches still vote in a real poll.]

AP Poll
Rank Team Result
No. 21 South Carolina Lost to A&M 52-28 at home
No. 22 North Carolina Beat Cincinnati 39-17 at home
No. 23 Clemson Lost to Georgia 45-21 at Georgia
No. 24 Missouri Beat South Dakota State 38-18 at home
No. 25 Louisville Beat The U 31-13
No. 26 Texas Beat North Texas 38-7 at home
No. 27 Oklahoma State Lost to FSU 37-31

Okay, a few notes and thoughts here:

• OSU in the preseason AP was No. 33 and in the Coaches was No. 30 so it moved up six slots in the AP and four in the Coaches.

• Preseason polls aren’t stupid but they certainly measure something different and create different waves throughout the season than simply starting with a poll after the first week. Example: If this was the first poll would South Carolina and Oklahoma State be ranked in this manner?

• Raise your hand if you think Texas will finish the season ahead of OSU in any poll outside of the polls put out on Texas-centric websites.

Here’s an interesting post on what Week 1 means in terms of where you’ll finish in the final top 25. Since 2005 ranked teams that lost in Week 1 to another ranked team: 9 of 19 ended the season ranked (48%).

• If the team that showed up on Saturday night in Arlington shows up the rest of the season we’ll be talking about being left out of the top 10, not the top 25.

• Polls ultimately mean nothing. That was mostly true before the College Football Playoff and it’s certainly true this season as the “poll” to determine the final four won’t start until the end of October.

• Polls are fun to whine and complain about, though!


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