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OSU Survey Results



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The votes are in on OKC Dave’s terrific state of the union survey from last week.

See the results

Obviously you should read the entire thing (because it’s hilarious) but here were a few things I found interesting:

– How about the 1% that doesn’t think we’re beating Savannah State?! Jason White taking online surveys in his downtime?

– The crowdsourcing rationality shattered me. We aren’t completely insane! The people on the fringes ARE the only ones I hear from a lot of the time! We’re not turning into OU fans!

– The correlation between when we went to our first OSU game and how high our expectations are is fascinating to me. Underclassmen these days are all like “yeah whatev, we win 10 games every year, not a big deal” while the age 40-50 crowd is screaming “I watched us score 12 total touchdowns in 1991, I was at EVERY GAME![1. Interesting side note here: Iowa State ruined our bid for perfection in the win/loss column in 1991 also when they tied us. 0-11 was in our grasp and they swiped it from us.]”

– I ride with OKC Dave on expectations, if you think this year’s offense is going to better than last year’s…I mean…wow.

– How about Baylor finishing as our least favorite Big 12 team (behind OU!)?

– 92% would rather win a national title in football than basketball. I’m in the 8%.

– Obviously grateful for the love I received on the survey, thanks to everyone who voted for me/this blog.

– We had a nice Tulsa World vs. Oklahoman debate last week on the bullets, Tulsa World won out on the survey. Barely, but still interesting that a paper with a paywall could beat one without.

OK, I’ll stop stealing OKC Dave’s thunder, seriously go check out the results, the golf commentary is gold.

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