Where OSU Turns After Trae Young Picks OU

Written by Kyle Boone

Norman North point guard Trae Young announced his commitment to Oklahoma over OSU and Kansas, thus changing the plans of OSU coach Brad Underwood and his recruitment strategy. The Cowboys currently sit at a [projected] one scholarship over the NCAA limit counting graduations and incoming recruits, yet with Young, he would have been a definite take regardless. Get the talent and let the situation sort itself out type of deal.

And still, that may be the case. It just may be with a different target.

In early January, OSU offered 2017 point guard Jordan Walker of St. Patrick High School in New York. The Cowboys have stuck with him, making a visit to see him at the end of January with the hopes of staying in contact — despite uncertainty surrounding his classification.

You see, Walker is in a unique situation. He can technically qualify as a 2017 recruit, but also has the ability to slide down the dial to 2018 if he doesn’t feel a scenario fits him best.

“With 2017, if I find a school I know I can produce with right way, if I can play a big role on that team and it fits all the right criteria, I’ll go 2017,” Walker told Scout. “If not, I’ll go 2018.”

Right now he’s hearing from OU, OSU, Indiana, Seton Hall, and Providence. And with Oklahoma landing Young, it likely eliminates the Sooners and the competition should he opt for the 2017 class.

Walker won’t make his decision on his classification until after the season, where he will set up visits then (should he opt for 2017). But with Young picking OU, it opens the door for OSU to offer up a situation with more playing time in 2017. So keep an eye on Walker in the coming months and expect for the Pokes to contend with Indiana, Providence, and Seton Hall in his recruitment.

  • Alec M

    I wish the NBA could sponsor scholarships for future players to make room for the other athletes who wont turn pro and need the scholarships to pay for school. (I understand the issues here, it just seems weird to give scholarships to future pro players who can easily pay off the debt once they turn pro)

    • David Einstein

      Great idea.

  • Weston K

    Why would we take a third PG in this class? Especially with Jawun most likely coming back year, does not seem to make a whole lot of sense.

    • Kyle Boone

      Both Hardy and Dawson have the ability to play off the ball, with Hardy almost certainly set to play at the 2-guard in Stillwater.

    • lpscout

      Not sure Evans returns. I think he should but,…

    • Common Sense

      The murmur is that Evans is likely gone. It’s not a certainty, but is more likely.

    • AtownPoke

      I’ve never heard that Evans is likely coming back. In fact I’ve heard the opposite.

    • Good at Cruitin

      according to ESPN he won’t go in first round. So it would be a horrible decision to enter the draft now. The first 17 picks are currently freshmen or foreigners.

    • David Einstein

      I bet Jawun comes back. Leaves after next year.

  • Christian Baker

    Am I the only one who’s relieved we didn’t land this kid?

    • OSU Grad

      You are not alone. I have the same feeling.

      • Sonny


        • He’s no Poke


    • David Einstein


      • Christian Baker

        Well, obviously no I’m not because at least three people ahead of you said they agree. Math not your thing?

      • Christian Baker

        Do you know how math works?

  • willham

    So, does the move OU from 10th to 9th or all the way up to 8th?

  • FreeDrop

    We had our “Trae Young” a few years ago in Stevie Clark.

    Haven’t seen him play, but there’s nothing physically — eye test — that leads me to believe he’ll be a star. True, same could be said for Steph Curry. I’m betting Trae Young is no Steph Curry.

    Only time will tell, but I’m not disappointed he’s not going to Stillwater.

    • BJ Tiger

      Yes. I can totally see the Stevie Clark comparison. Now, I don’t know if this kid is dumb enough to impersonate a sprinkler system out of the window of a car, but his me-first attitude is of the same cut.

      • EdmondPoke

        This was fantastic

    • Scott

      Stevie Clark was a good player when he was on the court though. Off the court was the issue with him.

      • OSU Student

        He never got remotely close to seriously altering games though. And with OU firmly holding down dead last in the league, Trey Young couldn’t even begin to make those guys conference contenders. The sad thing is, though, he thinks that he will.

    • swaggypaw

      yeah, um, little bit different situation, definitely different family situation.

  • Guest

    From every article I read about Trae Young he seems a little selfish. Talked to some people that watched him play, they said he doesn’t have a great attitude on the court. I will take Dawson and, especially Hardy all day. I loved Amauri Hardy’s interview with Kyle Boone today to paraphrase, he wants to do well in school and play in the NCAA Tourney…you can build a great culture around your basketball program with players like that.

  • OSU Student

    I’m not so sure on the Jawun returning talk. Yes, it would probably be best to return, but the kid has two years under his belt, and a ton of national recognition. If he wanted to leave, he’d get paid and he knows that. Now, he’d get paid more if he returned, and he seems more team oriented than some of those other big name guys so it wouldn’t completely surprise me, but usually when in these types of situations, the player elects to go pro. Typically. Smart was an exception because he had another Draftable player return to help his cause, and they legitimately had a case to win the league if he returned. I absolutely love what BU is doing, but I don’t know if they’ll be a popular pick to win the league next year, even with Evans.

  • OSU Student

    Does anybody know if we have any other big name guys that have the possibility of landing in Stillwater next season? Or are we pretty much done with the ’17 class? I honestly have no clue.

    • OKsailor

      It seems like we are done because we are over the scholarship limit. If Young would have picked us we would have lost at least one player somewhere. I’m not sure what happens if Jawun comes back.

      • OKsailor

        Looking at the school’s website, it state Lienhard is a walkon but doesn’t say if Reeves or coaches son is on scholarship or not. I would assume if they are, one of those guys would lose a scholly. Pure speculation.

        • OSU Student

          I THINK we get 12 scholarship players. Is that right? If so, right now it would be Evans, Carroll, Waters, Soloman, Averette, Dillard, McGriff, N’Guessan, Dizzy, Shine, The St. John’s transfer, the two Florida Signees. That’s 13. So one of those guys would have to give up a scholarship, if Evans stayed. My money would be on N’Guessan, since we get the St. John’s transfer and the Freshman in here, which will most likely out perform Lucas.