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OSU Wrestling: Cowboy Commit Daniel Kerkvliet Now the Top Overall Recruit for 2019



Flo updated their recruiting rankings for the class of 2019, and a future Cowboy now tops the list.

Daniel “Greg” Kerkvliet is a projected college heavyweight, and the best kid in his class. He’s also one of the best wrestlers in the entire world, and not just for his age group. Kerkvliet has qualified for both the Junior and Cadet World Teams and he’s done so with ease.

Look at some of these numbers! They’re unbelievable.

Just as a public service announcement for the statistics below: A standard Cadet match is six minutes with two three-minute periods. Daniel wrestled this whole tournament against some of the best guys in the country in under one period.

I naturally am probably a little biased when it comes to my coverage of OSU, but Andrew Spey, a guy that works for Flowrestling tweeted this at me the other day and he’s 100% correct. Greg won his age group, Cadets, he won one age level above, Juniors, and he probably would’ve won the next group above that which is U23s. He’s only 17 years old!

Based on Flo’s rankings this will be the second top recruit the Cowboys have had in three years with Daton Fix being the top recruit in 2017.

These two could be the bookends of the lineup for the next few years if Daton stays at 125. There won’t be another program out there with a tandem anywhere near comparable to that.

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