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OSU Wrestling: Previewing the Cowboys’ 125-141 Weight Classes

Examining the possibilities for several key weight classes next year.



Every offseason fans, content creators, and probably even wrestlers and coaches to some extent, pontificate about what their future lineups will be. With Oklahoma State those questions seem to be more evident from 125-141 than just about anywhere else.

At every other weight except 174, the Cowboys bring back a starter from last season and even sort of do at a few of these weights. Many other factors and moving parts suddenly come in to play though and it will be interesting to see how it all sorts itself out.

At 125, Nick Piccininni graduates and OSU will look to replace one of their top point producers the last few seasons. On the surface, it seems like a lot of things could happen here.

What would probably make the strongest lineup for OSU is if Daton Fix could somehow make the cut to 125. I don’t know if this is in play, if Daton could pull it off, or if it’s any sort of truly viable option for OSU, but with the exit of Piccininni there’s not really a clear replacement that had been backing him up. There are other 125-pounders on the roster, but none that look like a clear-cut guy that would step right in and be an NCAA qualifier and point scorer.

So, if Daton stays up at 133 what happens at 125? There are three 125s listed on the OSU roster with Dallas Wilson, Colten Klein, and Rhett Golowenski. That’s a possibility and OSU also has two blue chip recruits in Trevor Mastrogiovanni and Jakason Burks that could potentially slot in there as well.

If Daton goes down to 125 what happens at 133? If Kaid Brock can get down to 33, that makes the most sense. Reece Witcraft was the starter there last year and is another option but has a redshirt available. So if Daton goes down to 125, Brock at 133 with Witcraft redshirting seems like the best option. If Daton does go down to 125, and Brock can’t make 133, I have to think Witcraft will slot back in the same spot again next year.

Then what happens at 141? If Fix stays up at 133 then the assumption would become Brock to 141 but this creates a lot of questions. Dusty Hone was pretty solid at 141 last year and how beat up will Kaid Brock be? If he’s still hampered a bit by his injury, I don’t know that it’s a foregone conclusion that Kaid will beat out Hone for the job. Then the wild card is Kaden Gfeller who we didn’t see much of last season but did finish as the runner-up at the Southern Scuffle. You can even throw Brevin Balmeceda into the mix who will be a freshman coming off his redshirt next year and competed at 141 some last season.

Fix at 125 and Brock at 133 would make 141 a lot simpler. It just becomes who takes the job between Hone, Gfeller, and possibly Balmeceda.

Ultimately, there are a lot of combinations that could play out here next season and it will be interesting to see how it all goes.


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