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OSU Wrestling Takes Down Wyoming 27-6 as Daton Fix Wins Gallagher-Iba Debut

OSU rolls against against the other Cowboys on Sunday.



The Cowboys knocked off Wyoming 27-6 on Sunday in their first dual at Gallagher-Iba Arena this season. Here’s a complete recap of each match, starting at 141.

141 — Kaid Brock vs. Sam Turner: Brock started off with five takedowns in the first and takes a 10-5 lead into the second. Brock started on bottom in the second, and gave up a bit of a ride then got a reverse with about 30 seconds left and cut Turner loose to go up 12-6 heading into the third. After an exchange of a few more scores Brock win 14-10.

3-0 Oklahoma State

149 — Kaden Gfeller vs. Jaron Jensen: No scoring in the first. Wyoming got an escape in the second, but Kaden got a TD and turn to go up 6-1 at the end of the second. He then got a quick reverse at the beginning of the third to go up 8-1 and a ride out to pick up a major at 9-1.

7-0 Oklahoma State

157 — Andrew Shomers vs. Dewey Krueger: Shomers fought for position throughout the first pushing to set up shots. He forced two stall calls on Wyoming and went up 1-0 at the end of the first.

Shomers was on top to start the second and got close to a few turns, but no points. Shomers took top in the third and rode almost the whole period before Wyoming hit a funky roll and almost put him on his back. Shomers gave up an escape and won 3-1 with riding time.

10-0 Oklahoma State

165 — Chandler Rogers vs. Branson Ashworth: Nothing going in the first. Goes into the second 0-0. Rogers went down and gave up a full period ride in the second. Ashworth went down and got a quick escape in the third. Chandler went for an inside trip but couldn’t hit and gave up a takedown. He got an escape and lost 4-1.

10-3 Oklahoma State

174 — Jacobe Smith vs. Hayden Hastings: Quick takedown for Jacobe Smith then an escape for Hastings. No more scoring in the first. Smith went down to start the second. He gave up a ride for a bit then got a reverse with almost no time left to go up 4-1 going into the third. Quick escape for Hastings in the second. Hastings then got a takedown and ride again. Smith hit a gramby at the last second and got a reversal to go up 6-4. Final score is 6-5 due to Hastings riding time. Wyoming challenges call on the reversal and it does not get overturned.

13-3 Oklahoma State

184 — Dakota Geer vs. Looney: Geer gave up a takedown then got a quick reversal and ride out. Looney started out on bottom, got an escape and then a takedown for Geer. Geer rode for a bit then got a late turn and went up 8-2 going into the third. Geer rode for a bit again, gave up an escape and got another quick takedown. He won 14-4 with 3:25 of riding time.

17-3 Oklahoma State

197 — Andrew Marsden vs. Cale Davidson: Davidson gave up an early takedown and got a quick escape. Marsden hit a slide by to go up 3-1. Marsden gave up a reversal then got an escape. Started the second on bottom and got an escape and gave up a takedown. Marsden down 6-5 going into the third and was on top to start. He rode for a while and erased the riding time. Davidson got a reversal and took an 8-5 win.

17-6 Oklahoma State

285 — Derek White vs. Brian Andrews: A lot of hand fighting in the first then White hit a single late in the period to go up 2-0 at the end of the first. Andrews down to start the first and got a quick escape. No more scoring in the second. White started down in the third and got a quick escape. He then got another takedown and gave up an escape. White closed the match out with a takedown to win 8-2.

21-6 Oklahoma State

125 — Nick Piccinnini vs. Cole Verner: Piccinnini got the first takedown at about one minute into the match. Nick got two near fall then Verner escaped. Nick got a late TD to take a 5-1 lead into the second. Nick started on bottom and got an escape. Verner got a takedown to make it 6-3. Piccinnini got another escape to extend the lead 7-3.

Very slick takedown for Nick and he went up 9-3 heading into the third. Verner started the third on bottom, Nick rode for a bit and Verner eventually got the escape. Nick got another takedown and rode out the period to win 12-4.

24-6 Oklahoma State

133 — Daton Fix vs. Montorie Bridges: Daton started his Gallagher-Iba debut with his standard methodical charges into Bridges. Took shots, pressured offense. Bridges got a stall call. Fix continued to push and Bridges got another stall call. Fix went up 1-0. Bridges started off the second on bottom. Daton rode for a bit, got both legs in at about one minute into the second period and rode out the period. Daton went down in the third, got a quick escape and went up 2-0. They exchanged some offense with no scoring and Daton got a 3-0 win in his first match in GIA.

Final team score: 27-6 Oklahoma State

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