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OU Appears to be Trending for OSU Linebacker Target Danny Stutsman

OU appears to be winning this Bedlam battle.



Three-star linebacker recruit Danny Stutsman announced last week, on April 30, that a college commitment would come this week. In the four days that have followed since that initial PSA, OU has steadily trended as the frontrunner for the Floridian standout.

Stutsman named OSU in his final six schools two weeks ago which included Minnesota, Virginia Tech, OU, Texas A&M and West Virginia, but where he was going up until that point was a mystery — with OSU in real contention to add him to its 2021 class. But on the same day of announcing his commitment timeline this happened.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 8.15.28 AM.png

Crystal balls are not the end-all be-all indicator of where a recruit will go. But they do help tell the public story of what often goes on behind closed doors.

Should this hold true for Stutsman, who hasn’t set an official commitment date but is expected to do so this week, it’d be a bummer for an OSU staff looking to stack its chips at outside linebacker for the class.

But the outlook for the position remains positive. Already, OSU has landed Kolbe Fields in the class, and Del City’s Donovan Stephens remains an open option, too. Stephens should be committing soon and OSU has a real shot.

Keep an eye on Stutsman this week but he may be just the first of several dominoes that gets thing rolling for OSU in the 2021 class. If he indeed goes elsewhere it could bump OSU’s chances at players like Stephens given the extra roster space in the class and a potential shift in priority on the big board as players start to commit.

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