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OU Fan Loses Bedlam Bet, Has to Paint Mini Boone Pickens Stadium Field in Back Yard

This is glorious.



There is an OU fan on Twitter who has an immaculate — and I mean, immaculate — mini OU football field in his back yard in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

But not this year. (Or at least not to start the season!)

This year, the fan, who runs an account called The Palace on the Pasture, had to paint a mini Boone Pickens Stadium into his back yard instead to open the 2022 season after losing a Bedlam bet to an OSU friend. The result is 100% pure beauty. Someone give Marty a hearty round of applause for this.

Here’s an aerial view of it in all its glory. Absolutely incredible. What a back yard, and what a beautiful recreation of OSU’s home stadium. Think my favorite part is the little kid donning an OU helmet running across the OSU turf at about the 23 second mark. So good.

For reference, here’s what it usually looks like normally. I think perhaps he should stick with the orange and black, but boy, either way that is one clean and well-maintained surface.

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