OU hangs Big 12 Champs banner

Written by Kyle Porter

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OU is just all in on this 2012 Big 12 Champions thing, no “co-champs” no “shared title” just “Big 12 Champs.”


  • Blake Choisnet

    I feel like we would have done the same thing.

    • matt

      I think we actually did this after the 2010 season or their was talk of doing it. We were mocked by ou for claiming a share of the crown that they believed we hadn’t earned. I find it funny that after a few down years by their standards they don’t see any thing wrong with it

      • Kyle

        It’s because we only won a share of the south division title. Not the actual conference title. And Gundy and the program got the players championship rings, hats, etc.

        • Yeah. It was lame that we got division rings…however, at least we ACTUALLY tied for first. We beat A&M, A&M beat OU, OU beat us. It was a three-way tie. This year, however, OU and K-State had the same record, but K-State beat OU…that makes K-State outright champions. It’s just funny how they ragged on us for it and now they’re doing the same thing.

      • And in my mind, that was lame too.

  • Connor

    I also saw OU Big 12 Champs Shirts at Wal-Mart in Norman. Perhaps it’s the only way to prevent mass chaos in sooner nation…

    • OSU-Bill

      Sandbags against the exit off the bandwagon.

  • BostonPoke

    Didn’t Bob Stoopid say “one champion” in 2011?

  • I don’t even know why they have co-champs. They have tiebreakers in place to determine who is #1 seed in the tournament (and in football, who goes to conference title/BCS game), so just use those for the champ. Even though OSU was regular season co-champ in 2005 (correct me if I’m wrong), I personally didn’t count it because we weren’t 1 seed in the tournament.