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Our Picks for the 2015 Oklahoma State Season



We’ve previewed this thing every single way it could be previewed. We’ve counted down the 20 most important people, posted every hype video on the web and even made some (probably not that great) predictions. Now, it’s time for our picks.


Offensive MVP: Mason Rudolph

Defensive MVP: Kevin Peterson

Breakout player: Jordan Burton

Final record: 11-2 (11-1 regular season)

Big 12 finish: 1st

Big 12 winner: OSU

Bowl game for OSU: Cotton Bowl

Final four: Oklahoma State, Ohio St., UCLA, Michigan St.

I’ve lost my mind and I don’t even care. Gundy for president in 2016 (he might be the best candidate at this point…)


Offensive MVP: James Washington

Defensive MVP: Jordan Burton

Breakout player: Jeff Carr

Final record: 10-3 (9-3 regular season)

Big 12 finish: 3rd

Big 12 winner: TCU

Bowl game for OSU: Fiesta Bowl

Final four: Ohio St., TCU, Clemson, USC

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