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OU’s basketball attendance is higher than OSU’s



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Welp, here you go.

Some statistical evidence that we aren’t any better than OU fans.

In fact we’re worse.

Here’s the average number of attendees at each home game for Big 12 teams so far this year (as a % of capacity in parentheses).

Kansas – 16,507 (103%)
Kansas State – 12,567 (100%)
Iowa State – 12,999 (91%)
Texas – 12,808 (77%)
OU – 8,911 (74%)
Baylor – 6,750 (66%)
OSU – 8,832 (65%)
West Virginia – 8,999 (64%)
TCU – 4,376 (61%)
Texas Tech – 7,476 (50%)

Yes, I understand that reported attendance numbers are inflated and probably not accurate (Kansas State isn’t selling out all of their games). But I’d say they’re inflated across the board (when’s the last time you saw 8K at an OSU game?)

I’m not whining and moaning about people not showing up, I think we’re past that, just providing statistical evidence to what you guys don’t want to believe — that our basketball fan base is pretty pathetic right now.

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