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Over/under on Oklahoma State set at 10.5

Vegas sets OSU’s over/under win total at an absurd number.



Under, under, under, UNDER!

Remember in 2011 when OSU’s win total with Weeden and Blackmon coming back was an absurd 8.5. This year’s win total being set at 10.5 is exactly the opposite of that.

There’s just no smart money on OSU winning 11 or 12 games.

There are only two teams (!) Vegas has with higher totals:

Bama — 11.5
tOSU — 11.5

Six have the same win total line as the Pokes:

Boise — 10.5
Clemson — 10.5
FSU — 10.5
Louisville — 10.5
Oregon — 10.5
SC — 10.5

I just…I don’t see it. Especially when the totals don’t include bowl games. You’re telling me OSU can go undefeated or 11-1 with this team when that’s all they could do with the Weeden/Blackmon crew?

Don’t get me wrong, I like this squad but going undefeated is not on the table — it’s just too difficult. So you’re basically betting that OSU is going 11…

[hold on I gotta go put $1K on the under]

…OK back, where were we? Oh yeah, 11-1 with a QB that hasn’t won more than six games? No, not happening.

Other Big 12 lines with which side I like:

Baylor — 7.5 (OVER, ALL OF THE OVERS)
Kansas — 3.5 (under)
Kansas State — 8.5 (over)
Iowa State — 5.5 (under, I guess)
WVU — 5.5 (over)
OU — 9.5 (under, barely)
Texas — 9.5 (over)
Tech — 7.5 (under)

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