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PFB BlogPoll – Week 3



Photo Attribution: Rick Smith

If you haven’t seen weeks 1 and 2 those posts can be found here.

Was this a fun weekend for college football? We revved it up on Thursday night with OSU hammering Arizona for the second time in nine months followed by a great Arizona State Mizzou game, Toledo taking Ohio State to the wire, Auburn stealing one in Starkville, a classic between South Carolina and Georgia, the whiteout in Happy Valley,  Bucky thumping Oregon State, and all capped off by that thriller in the Big House.

And I think only 1 in every 14-15 tweets in my feed was about conference realignment!

Things are starting to shake out in my poll. The first few weeks are really difficult (and it’s dumb that there are polls until October anyway…except this one :)) but as the season evolves you start to get a feel for who’s going to be juggernaut (step on down, Madison) and who’s trying to fake their way into the BCS (I’m looking at you, West Virginia).

Full poll after the jump.


I had to move OSU up a spot because of how strong they looked on ESPN last Thursday. Oregon moving down was more a function of the Cowboys lighting it up and me having more time to process the LSU game than it was a function of how they played against Nevada.

Everybody together now: never take the points against Oregon at home. You and your 12-game $1 parlay will regret it.

Wisconsin was spectacular against Oregon State early Saturday afternoon. Their running game is scary. Definitely a top 5 team.

Nebraska, Ohio State, and West Virginia – You can’t be 20+ point favorites at home and have your games be up in the air in the third quarter.

I should probably move Auburn up but I think dropping Mississippi State completely out of the top 25 (I had them at #12 last week) takes care of that conundrum. I obviously had a little bit too much faith in Dan Mullen. Plus, who’s Auburn going to beat that’s ranked ahead of them?

Oh, and thanks for playing BYU, you can’t beat a team playing Russian roulette with its quarterbacks then you don’t deserve a top 25 nod.

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