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PFB Introductions: Thomas Fleming



We recently had our summer meetings in Stillwater, and one of our takeaways was that we want to provide better background and insight into our writers as individual people. So we filmed some 5-minute interviews with guys you’ve probably been reading for years. Hopefully you’ll learn something about them and feel like you’re engaging with more than just an avatar on a page.

First up, our Xs and Os wizard, Thomas Fleming.

Thomas’ bio

I’m a rising junior and sports media major at Oklahoma State. I am currently the radio voice of the Newkirk Tigers football and basketball teams, and also help cover Stillwater High School football for a local station. I enjoy writing about the Cowboys and Cowgirls, but enjoy writing about the Xs and Os aspect of sports most of all. My biggest goal as a writer at PFB is to educate the average OSU fan about the strategy of sport.

Porter’s take

Thomas is brilliant and a joy to be around. He might be the only person I know who can break down a 3-3-5 defense in one breath and discuss the ins and outs of Spring Sing in the next. A renaissance man! During our summer summit, Thomas was breaking down Tulsa-Houston film “just in case we need it later this fall.” He’s been one of the best additions we’ve ever made to our team.

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