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PFB Predictions: Where Will Trae Young Land?



The recruitment of five-star point guard Trae Young will end on Thursday. Young will hold a ceremony at his high school to announce his decision, which comes down to Kansas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State.

In an all-access feature from USA TODAY this week, Young opened up on his top schools, sharing how much he loved how OSU uses Jawun Evans in Underwood’s new system.

“Coach (Brad) Underwood really lets him play,” said Trae. “They’re winning and they’re one of the best teams in the Big 12 this year. I really like them.”

The downside?

“You’ve gotta come back to me on that. Well, actually Coach Underwood got in a little late after they fired Coach (Travis) Ford, and they also don’t play Jawun as much as the other starting point guards in the Big 12.”

His mother, Candice, shared a similar sentiment, showing concern for how quick the program could turn around from the Ford era.

“I like that they’re changing things in the right direction and I love the fan base,” Candice says. “But I don’t know if they’re changing fast enough. Things had dropped off so much with Travis Ford; I just don’t know how quickly they’ll get back to where it was.”

Keep in mind each team had reasonable cons with them, so this isn’t devastating for OSU. But it sheds light on how the family feels and, ultimately, how Trae likely feels. Or at least gives you a glimpse at what his biggest influences are feeling.

With his decision looming, our PFB team made our predictions based on confidence of where we feel he might land. Here they are:

Kyle Porter: OSU: 10% | Kansas 20% | Oklahoma 70%

Kyle Boone: OSU 35% | Kansas 45% | Oklahoma 20%

Thomas Fleming: OSU 15% | Kansas 50% | Oklahoma 35%

Kyle Cox: OSU 15% | Kansas 65% | OU 20%

Sam Aldrich: OSU 10% | Kansas 50% | OU 40%

Caleb Deck: OSU 30% | Kansas 60% | OU 10%

Hayden Barber: OSU 1% | Kansas 80% | OU 19%

PFB crystal ball: OSU 16.57% | Kansas 52.85% | OU 30.57%

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