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PFB Roundtable: A Fantasy Draft of the Best Players from the Mike Gundy Era

See which current Cowboys made the all-time Gundy team.



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Ever wonder what Mason Rudolph could have done behind Brandon Weeden’s O-Line? Or what a Zac Robinson-to-Tylan Wallace connection would look like? Welcome to offseason football talk.

As a way to assuage the absence of college football, the Pistols Firing staff convened in our Slack channel to hold a fantasy draft of football players from the Mike Gundy era. Motivated by hypothetical PPR scoring and fueled by nostalgia, here’s what we came up with. I laid out the rules below. At the bottom, we’ll include the full fantasy rosters.

Kyle: So I’ll start with the draft order, copied below for authenticity’s sake. This will be a snake-style draft of players coached by Mike Gundy (as a head coach). The positions are: a QB, 3 WRs, a RB and a Flex.

And Dekota is on the clock.

Round 1

Dekota: Justin Blackmon. The only certified GOAT of the Gundy era, and GOATs go 1.1

Kyle: That’s a v. good pick. I should point out for readers that we are assuming that OSU has like a 2011-level offensive line.

Marshall: He was at the top of my draft board, as well.

Kyle: No issues with that. Now, I am going to go a little wonky here and pick my Flex player first: Tyreek Hill.

Gundy shoehorned him into a RB role because he knew he had to get him on the field somehow. He gets points.

Marshall: Ooooo that’s a nice pick. Almost forgot about him, in all honesty.

Marshall: My First Round pick: Dez Bryant. Different level of athlete. Sure, his OSU career was shorter than it should have been, but he made a huge impact regardless.

Kyle: That’s a WR1 pick if I’ve seen one. Especially since you are putting this player as he was in college, in an ideal situation to get points for you.

Round 2

Marshall: My Second Round pick: Ollie Gordon. The story is still being written with Gordon, but I saw enough last year to lean that he is the best running back Gundy has ever had.

Dekota: Wow, really thought I was gonna be the guy to take Ollie early.

Kyle: I was wondering which RB would go first. Can’t argue with it. Production + potential.

Kyle: Okie dokie. With my second pick, I’ll take Chuba Hubbard. Record-setting back who could churn out yards and TDs in less-than-ideal situations, huge PPR value. I wonder what a 2011 team would look like with him plugged into the backfield.

Marshall: A clear top two running back in the Gundy era, in my opinion.

Kyle: Speed kills. We made a horrible t-shirt about it back in the day. Was also incredibly fun to watch.

Dekota: Second: James Washington. I’ve done too many fantasy football drafts in my life. WRs are where the points come from so stock up, especially a deep threat.

Marshall: Was high on my list, as well. When I think of OSU football, I still think of Washington high-stepping through a deep post route. Twas a thing of beauty.

Kyle: Another one of those guys that you just knew was going to make a big play. 2015 against TCU always sticks out to me.

Round 3

Dekota: Mason Rudolph. Piggybacking off Marshall, and maybe because we were in the midst of the Rudolph-Washington Era before T-Swift made eras cool, but when I think OSU football, it’s Rudolph throwing it deep to Washington. The QB who leads every passing stat should be the No. 1 QB off the board.

Kyle: I have said forever that I wished we could see Rudolph play behind a healthy, effective OL. What he was able to do based on those limitations is insane.

Marshall: I’ve said it a million times that I think Rudolph is the best quarterback in program history.

Dekota: Same, but maybe because Marshall and I were sitting next to each other in the press box during most of those Rudolph-Washington connections.

Kyle: I will follow suit and go with the actual GOAT, as far as accomplishments and on-field success goes, Brandon Weeden. What total pick is this in the draft? We might be crazy.

Marshall: Although I think Rudy is better, I refuse to speak ill of the only Big 12 title-winning QB in OSU’s history.

Dekota: enters Alan Bowman  :eyes:

Kyle: As much as he had a better OL and Blackmon and a couple of GOAT playcallers, Weeden changed OSU football forever. Put him with any receivers and you get tons of yards and tons of points.

Dekota: Put Rudolph with Blackmon and Washington on my team, and he’s winning a pair of Heismans.

Marshall: To close out Round 3, I’m taking Tylan Wallace. Wallace should’ve been OSU’s third Biletnikoff winner but got shafted. The king of contested catches, and him stiff-arming that Iowa State DB into oblivion lives on in my memory forever.

This also means that with my first three picks I’ve taken someone who wears No. 0, No. 1 and No. 2.

Dekota: That was my next pick ….

Kyle: Mine too :white_frowning_face:

Marshall: Hey, I missed out on the top two QBs, consider it a consolation prize.

Kyle: I’m curious who you’ll take at QB. I know who you should take, but curious to see what you do.

Dekota: J.W. Walsh is who Kyle is talking about being the only right answer.

Round 4

Marshall: I’m curious as well, but that’ll have to wait because with you guys having no need to grab a quarterback, I’ll continue with another elite receiver of the Gundy era to start Round 4. Brennan Presley. Might be a bit of a shock pick, but he ranks fourth in program history in receptions and has been so good for so long for the Cowboys. Also one of the more fun interviews every time he gets put in front of us. 

Kyle: @#$*(#@$@#

Dekota: Also my next pick. Get out of my head, Marshall. I was imagining defenses dropping back to cover Blackmon and Washington only for Presley to come underneath.

Marshall: Dez, Presley and Tylan are some dawgs for my receiving corps.

Kyle: We may be outside of the GOAT territory for WRs, but Gundy has had a ton of talented receivers, and I think many of them get me big points. Starting with my fourth pick: Josh Stewart. Give this guy the ball. He can play inside, outside. Don’t matter. He’s making plays.

Marshall: Yeah, he was on my shortlist for sure. Wish he would’ve stayed another year.

Dekota: OK, so my last three options have been taken now so I’m gonna get into the media guide…

Adarius Bowman. The first great WR of the Gundy era, paired with Blackmon and Washington, with the best QB throwing the ball. This is why I haven’t needed a RB yet.

Kyle: That’s a great pick.

Marshall: I think Bowman is highly underrated in OSU lore. Anyone who can have 300 receiving yards in one game can obviously ball.

Kyle: He was on my list but I got nostalgic for Stewie.

Round 5

Dekota: Still don’t need a RB. Tay Martin. My team is guaranteed to score every red zone trip.

Marshall: Martin was the No. 1 option on a Fiesta Bowl-winning team. Should also probably get more flowers than he does.

Kyle: Speaking of underrated. I think I got the better red zone target who can also make plays down the field. Give me Marcell Ateman with my fifth pick.

Dekota: I basically flipped a coin between Martin and Ateman. If not for being on the same team as Washington, he’d be considered one of the best.

Kyle: The catch radius on that guy.

Marshall: That 2017 receiving room was ridiculous. James Washington was the top guy, but Ateman, Chris Lacy, Wallace, Dillon Stoner and Jalen McCleskey were all also there. Ridiculous.

Kyle: Be honest. Rudy was great, but he could air-mail some throws. Marcell made him look good.

Dekota: Orrr was it the receiving room or the guy throwing the ball? :thinking_face:

Kyle: Both. #Freaks

I still got a WR to pick but I might not pick one that you mentioned.

Marshall: With the final pick in Round 5, I’m taking Kendall Hunter as my flex. I battled between Hunter and Justice Hill. I really wanted to take Hill because jump cuts (and he was in school when I was), but Hunter ranks fourth in program history in all-purpose yards.

Kyle: That is a flex. Hunter still has two Top 10 seasons in rushing TDs.

Round 6

Marshall: And lastly at QB, I’m taking Zac Robinson. To me, the choice was between Robinson and Spencer Sanders. I went with Robinson because he feels more OSU right now. Hopefully the pain of Sanders transferring away softens as time moves on.

Kyle: I’m on board with Zac. I wondered. Sanders would have been good. Also, low-key could have taken a Clint Chelf.

Marshall: Yeah, Chelf was my sneaky third option.

Kyle: So for my final pick, I will take the hyped man who never quite was the guy but could have been had he not played alongside Washington and Tylan. Give me Tyron Johnson going deep down the sideline.

Marshall: This website loves Tyron Johnson, so I stand with this pick.

Team just soared up the coolness rankings, as well.

Kyle: It was already cool. Tyreek, Stewie and Tyron. Dripping with swag.

Dekota: Will this draft up the Kasey Dunn love with all these names being reminded of?

Kyle: It should (ducks before someone throws something).

Dekota: Final pick — Joseph Randle. I needed a RB at some point, so I’ll go with the one who has scored more TDs than anyone else for Gundy (for now).

Kyle: That’s a good one.

Marshall: A solid way to round it out. Bruising back ought to work well with all the talent you have at WR.

Kyle: I think any of our teams lead the Big 12 in scoring. 12-0 with a decent defense.

Dekota: Randle gets three carries a game for two TDs.

Kyle: With Tyreek, Chuba and Stewart, my team sets a record for return TDs.

Dekota: Bob would still punt again against Kyle‘s team.

Kyle: Perf.

I don’t hate my team.

Dekota: Imagine Hill just one more year to have Rudolph.

Marshall: I think it was fairly even. Each team is lacking slightly (in comparison) in one area.

  • Dekota is elite at WR but has probably the worst RB.
  • Kyle has who many view as the best QB in school history and a 2,000-yard rusher but probably lacks the star power at WR as the other two teams.
  • Mine is fairly loaded at WR and RB but has the worst QB of the bunch

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