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PFB Roundtable: Discussing the NBA Draft, Cade and His Fit in Detroit

And what if the Pistons don’t keep their top pick?



[Photo via OSU Athletics]

Now that the NBA Draft Lottery is set and we know who will get the chance to grab Cade Cunningham with the No. 1 pick, the Pistols Firing staff had to convene for a roundtable.

We discussed Cade’s fit in the Motor City, made predictions on his rookie campaign and chewed over the possibility that the Pistons could trade their top pick.

Kyle Cox: I guess could we should start with out instant reaction on Detroit landing the top pick.

Marshall Scott: I was … well … not stoked. Of course, I would have preferred him be in OKC, but Detroit? Blake Griffin literally gave up money to get out of Detroit. With that said, the Pistons do have a solid young core, so maybe Cade could push it over the edge. But the franchise has kinda been pooh-pooh since Mr. Big Shot left.

Cox: I can’t say that I’m not a little bit disappointed that the Presti magic dust didn’t work. If nothing else, it would have been cool for OSU fans to be able to see Cade on a regular basis in their own market. But I think the Pistons are as good a landing spot as any with some young talent around him.

Kyle Boone: Basketball-wise, Detroit isn’t a bad fit for Cade. Entertainment-wise, it would’ve been cool if OKC or Golden State or Chicago had landed the top pick. I guess I’m just happy it wasn’t Cleveland?

Cox: The problem with being the No. 1 pick is that your team stinks when you arrive, unless they pulled some David Robinson benching scenario the year before, a la 1997 Spurs.

I’m dating myself in front of the youngsters.

Scott: Yeah, there weren’t a ton of realistic landing spots that I would have been thrilled with. Which is why I woke up Tuesday morning so confident the Thunder were getting picks 1 and 5.

But the Bad Boys 30 for 30 is an all-timer, at least.

Boone: There’s some scuttlebutt on the streets that Detroit really likes Jalen Green. And OKC has 300 draft picks over the next two years. I’m not saying … just saying. Maybe Presti unloads the clip.

Cox: I’m really just excited to see how well (and how quickly) Cade adapts to the next level.

*Renews League Pass subscription*

Scott: It would take three teams because OKC fell to five, and Green ain’t gonna be there at five. But I am deep in the trade Twitter weeds right now.

Cox: Would be sick. That’s the reason you grab all those picks. So you can go for broke on a guy like Cade.

Boone: OKC just kinda in a bad spot because trading down to six in a draft with four, maybe five elite talents saps the negotiation power.

Scott: Yeah, OKC is probably going to have to give up two of its first rounders this year and a couple future firsts, as well.

Boone: Detroit ain’t trading down anyway. So maybe OKC stands pat or tried moving into Jalen Green / Evan Mobley territory. I’m kinda into a Scottie Barnes fit though.

Scott: I think with OKC dealing Moses Brown, Mobley is the best fit (apart from Cade), but that is going to take some doing.

Cox: Regardless of where he plays, you have any wildly uninformed, too early predictions for Cade’s rookie season?

Scott: I think he’ll be in contention for Rookie of the Year and maybe average somewhere around 15, eight and eight. His assist numbers are probably going to rely on where he goes because some teams will use him more on the ball and some teams will use him more off it.

Cox: I think he sits somewhere in the 10 pts, 8 assists, 6 rebounds range. I think he might have more triple-doubles than 20-point games.

I’m probably underselling him as a scorer and think he’s a better facilitator than his numbers showed in college.

Boone: He’ll average 20 and 8 as a rookie and be runaway ROY.

Cox: Okay, apparently I am underselling him as a scorer.

Boone: Detroit will feature him and they have a pretty great playmaker next to him in Killian Hayes, who will make Cade’s life a lot easier. Not sure he’s ever played with someone as capable a facilitator as Hayes so should take some pressure off him and let Cade cook as a scorer. I’m into it!

Cox: ???

Scott: Did we just become a Pistons blog?

Cox: Pistons Firing Blog

Boone: Pistons Firing does have a ring to it and a real-life purpose.

Scott: Might want to buy that domain before this roundtable releases.

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