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PFB Update and Schedule: New Shirts on Thursday



The bye week comes at a good time for us, too. After a frenetic two months to start football season, we’re ready for a little downtime this weekend. As you probably saw last Friday, our PFB shirts are available on the store now. Here’s how you can get some store credit. We reload the store every Thursday — you can visit it here — so if we don’t have your size in stock, we should by Thursday morning.

Oklahoma State Games

• Mon-Sun, October 2-8: Women’s tennis in California — All day
• Mon-Sun, October 2-8: Men’s tennis in Tulsa — All day
• Mon-Tue, October 2-3: Women’s golf in Chicago — All day
• Wednesday, October 4: Softball vs. Connors State in Stillwater — 6 p.m.
• Friday, October 6: Softball vs. S. Nazarene in Stillwater — 6 p.m.
• Friday, October 6: Soccer at WVU — 6 p.m.
• Saturday, October 7: Equestrian at Baylor — 10 a.m.
• Sunday, October 8: Soccer at ISU — noon

Oklahoma State Records

• Football: 4-1 (6th in B12)
• Women’s soccer: 10-1-2 (2nd in B12)
• Men’s Golf: 1 Win
• Women’s Golf: 1 Win

Oklahoma State Media Appearances

Mike Gundy will not have his weekly press conference on Monday. Players and coordinators might be available after practice on Tuesday afternoon.

PFB Coverage

Hayden Barber will be in Stillwater on Tuesday for practice if there is availability. No game this weekend, but Carson and I will tape two podcasts. One will be on Tuesday (hopefully with a guest), and the other will be a live show on Thursday at 2 p.m.

We will set that up so you can start sending in questions before we go live with it. You can watch it on Facebook, and then we’ll turn it into a pod later on in the day.

Contribution updates

We are up to 321 contributors. That is awesome. If you are contributing at the gray, black or orange levels and have not received your store credit, please let us know so we can email you.

If you haven’t started contributing yet, you can do so here. Just click on the icons in the middle of the post.

Site/Staff Updates

Last week was not our best week. We had some serious site issues and have since hired a developer to help us out with things. He has been great, and hopefully we won’t have any more outages.

One thing that’s helpful, and I say this seriously, is when you guys email us about issues you see with the site. I know less about websites than I do about Cover 3 defenses, and I more or less built this thing not thinking that it would be accessed from 160,000 different devices like it was in September. So it’s nice to know what the issues are so we can try to fix them.

All that to say, we are informally thinking about and discussing what a rebuilt site would look like in the future. If you have ideas or features you would like to see, you can always email us at pistolsfiringblog at gmail dot com. We’d love to hear from you.

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