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PFB Store Open, Here’s How to Get Free Gear



Hey, we didn’t see you there.

We have an announcement, though. After what felt like 29 months of consternation on our end, the PFB Store is now open for business. We have several shirts in stock with several more on the way.

You should check it out.

Our crown jewel (for now) is probably this epic shirt of a mulleted man who coaches a football team. Props to Chris Knox for his incredible designs and work and a big thanks to Chris’ University Spirit which is printing and shipping all of our products.

So, how do you receive some freebies from the store? If you are a contributor to our site, you’ve already received a store credit from us via email. If you’re not a contributor, but you’ve been thinking about becoming one, here’s how it works.

There are four tiers of contribution you can sign up for. White, gray, black and orange. At each of those tiers you get a variety of fun things back from us. Here is an overview.

  • White reward: The joy of supporting a site built by you and for you
  • Gray reward: $10 store credit
  • Black/Annual reward: Ad-free browsing and $30 store credit
  • Orange reward: Ad-free browsing and $60 store credit

You will receive these credits via email the Monday after you sign up to contribute. You can click on one of the badges below to start contributing.

We have had 316 (!) folks sign up so far, and it has helped us really stabilize where the blog is at and bring on more and better contributors. Related: We have hired a developer to help us with out server issues (which we are very sorry about).

Contribution Levels


Here is the yearly option for $100 (please note that this also renews annually unless you cancel).

So feel free to sign up to contribute, and we will send you your store credit on Monday. Or just check out the store and buy something. It’s another great way to support us. If the shirt you are looking for is not in stock, we reload every Thursday morning so just check back then and it should be there.

We will continue to add products and shirt designs in the weeks and months to come, which will be really fun. Heck, if you want to submit some ideas to us and we use them, we’ll make sure you get all kinds of free gear for that.

You can check out FAQs about contributing here and FAQs about the store here. If you have any additional questions at all please email us at pistolsfiringblog [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you as always for supporting Pistols Firing.

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