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Phil Forte Says He’s Coming Back Next Year



Senior guard and leader of the team, Phil Forte, will graduate this year and could have been eligible to transfer and play anywhere via the graduate transfer rule. But he said on Wednesday he plans to come back to Oklahoma State and that he’s “not going anywhere.”

“Just to be able to stay here and have a chance to go out the right way — we have great players, guys I feel really comfortable with, on and off the court, and a new coach who knows what he’s doing for sure,” Forte said.

He also said No. 1 played a big part in him returning.

“As a freshman, to do what he did was really remarkable. … There’s not a better point guard in the country, so for me, why would I want to leave that?”

Underwood already knows what he’s got in Forte.

“When I walk into the practice facility, the first time I’d seen it, he’s in there,” Underwood said. “And that’s the culture that has to be set here. It’s based on work. When you walk in and you see him in there working, I got a smile on my face right away.”

It was sounding like Forte was leaning towards returning anyway, but that’s big news for Underwood returning a veteran leader with experience and an unmatched work ethic who will make his first year transition more smooth.

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