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Pistols Firing season awards (Part II)

Best in each class, worst fan, best on Twitter, funniest Gundy quote, and more.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I did Part I on Thursday but had too many to include in that post so here’s the rest of my 2013 awards.

Best Freshman

Jhajuan Seales — Part of me wants to go against the grain and hand this to Marcell Ateman because…my gosh…but this is a no-brainer. Here are four freshman seasons you might be interested in:

Seales: 36 catches | 529 yards | 2 TD
Dez: 43 catches | 622 yards | 6 TD
Blackmon: 20 catches | 260 yards | 2 TD
Rashaun: 29 catches | 329 yards | 0 TD

Best Sophomore

Kevin Peterson — You want to know why Justin Gilbert had seven six interceptions this season? Because people were throwing away from Peterson. I think that gets lost a little bit but he’s already a star. Should be preseason All-Big 12 first team.

Best Junior

Josh Stewart — It’s weird to me that Stewart got All-Big 12 second team with each of these seasons, but he did. He was good this year, not great. But vital to the punt return game (see below).

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 11.21.18 AM


Strangest Pete moment

Best game

Bedlam — I know I rolled on Berry Tramel for ranking this as the best Bedlam ever but it works for game of 2013. What other options do I have? The Baylor game was OSU’s best performance but that was hardly competitive late. Same for Texas. This ending trumps both of those plus the Kansas State affair.

Worst game

West Virginia — It was just a hideous thing. I still can’t believe it happened. I know the great “what if” will be about Chelf having started there, and maybe it would have made a difference, but I think that was just the Madden “no effing way” game this season.

Best dance

I like the push-up one best.

Worst dance

Weirdest subplot

Big 12 player of the week — Some of you won’t be impressed but reader Cole Yearwood pointed out to me that every week it won, OSU had a Big 12 offensive/defensive/special teams player of the week. The two weeks it lost, no players of the week. At the very least that’s pretty strange. I doubt it’s happened unless KU had the player of the week twice or three times in a year recently.

Most underrated block

Favorite story

Clint Chelf and the media — I honestly couldn’t get enough. So many of my worlds (OSU, writing, journalism, media, social media) colliding.

Least favorite story

Josh Stewart and JW Walsh are friends — We get it. This story and the Marcus Smart-Phil Forte story need to go on a few dates then Romeo and Juliet themselves.

Most beneficial story

Sports Illustrated — I would like to take some time to thank SI for a number of things.

1.) Thayer’s hair — It’s a national treasure.
2.) Not finding anything — You found nothing.
3.) Giving me the greatest month in the history of PFB — It was almost too easy.

Worst fan

This guy crushed me.

Best punt return

This one was spectacular..

Worst punt return

All five of these.

Best ongoing column

Berry Tramel sharing his emails — Some of the stuff he gets is pretty incredible. I always smile when I see it come across my feed because I know there are going to be a few gems.

Luckiest throw

Best fans on Twitter

Here are my fan-only Twitter power rankings for 2013:

1. @OKC_Dave — It’s not close.
2. @mattamilian — He’s used to getting second, probably.
3. @justinsouthwell — Former player, hysterical on the Twitters.
4. @clintosu — My favorite random “I met this guy online and he kills me” guy.
5. @nolancox — Rarely tweets but is usually great.

Honorable mention: Not a fan but @carsonc5 is in the mix for the No. 1 or No. 2 spot.

Best SI scandal moment

Favorite PFB inside joke

Kyle Stanley — This was close between “Nate” and “Kyle Stanley” but when you can enrage Facebook Moms[1. Capital letters on purpose, yes.] by calling OSU’s fullback “Kyle Stanley” because it’s an ongoing joke on your Oklahoma State blog and probably six people even appreciate it, well, it’s tough to lose on that.

Best play against OSU

Player I can’t believe is graduating

Shaun Lewis — My gosh, how old am I?

Player I can’t believe isn’t graduating

Daniel Koenig — We’ve had a Koenig on the offensive line since WWII, yes?

Player I can’t believe hasn’t grauduated

Tracy Moore — Was in the same recruiting class as Tone Jones and Scott Pierce, I think.

Funniest Gundy quote

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