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Police were called to Tyreek Hill’s apartment on November 3rd

Tyreek Hill’s history of abusing women is insubstantial but not looking great for him.



Down goes 24. (USATSI)

Down goes 24. (USATSI)

Remember the part in the statement made by Tyreek Hill’s girlfriend last week about how this wasn’t the first time he’d handled her roughly?

Here’s the exact quote:

“[redacted] stated to me that this had happened before back in the summer but she did not report it at the time.”

It apparently also happened in the fall and somebody else did.

Fredrickson went on to report that police didn’t even come to Hill’s apartment because the woman left 15 minutes later.

It seems odd to me that 1.) It would take police more than 15 minutes to at least be close enough to not be called off and 2.) That you can cancel a 911 call like you would a pizza or a Chinese take-out order.

I also forgot that somebody had passed this Facebook post from 2012 on to me last Friday as well:

So if we’ve learned anything over the last week it’s that Tyreek has a history of not treating women very well. Hopefully he won’t have a future of it, too.

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