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POLL: Is Mike Gundy a top 10 coach?

Mike Gundy has been the best coach in OSU history but is he a top 10 coach in the country?




One of the things that came out of the reader survey earlier this year was that you guys wanted to see more polls on the site. I completely agree. One of my favorite parts of the Dan Patrick Show — which is pretty much the only radio show I listen to not on NPR — is their daily “let’s not take ourselves too seriously” poll.

I’ve said a lot of things are going to start becoming a more recurring part of this site over the years — some have and some haven’t, hopefully this is one of the former and not the latter.

With that, today’s poll…

There was a post on Sports on Earth last week about how good Gundy has been over the course of his career. It said the following near the end, though:

Still, there have always been things that have worked against his reputation and prevented him from jumping from, say, top-25 coach range to the sport’s elite tier. 

I was wondering what OSU fans thought about that (vote below).

(You can see the results by scrolling over the donut)

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Photo Attribution: USATSI

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