Poll Recap: Cowboy Fans Really Want Another Shot at Oklahoma

Written by Phillip Slavin

Ok. This is the last time I’m writing anything about the Bedlam loss. It was another soul crushing, heart-wrenching loss to OSU’s in-state rivals that left us all a bit emotionally beat up.

That being said, it seems despite the emotional scarring, fans overwhelmingly want another shot at Oklahoma if they can get it.

Of the 2,482 of you that voted, an overwhelming 2,159 voted for a rematch against the Sooners in the Big 12 Championship game. Most of the comments on Twitter and in the post on PFB backed that up.

Your Comments

“Yes because I’m one competitive dude but no, because if we were to lose, my heart/manhood/liver could not take two losses in one season.” – Blake

“Heck yes! That means we would be playing for a Big 12 Championship! I don’t care who it is!” – Shellie

“Prior to Saturday’s game, I would have preferred we face off against TCU, but after Bedlam, I think we can beat anyone in the conference. Getting revenge against the gooners is sweeter than beating the frogs. Bring on Bedlam 2!!” – Seth

“Competitors want to compete! Period end of story! Successful people thrive on it! Losers run from it! Give OU credit made plays and won. Game was an absolute battle. Rematch in Dallas? Why you play the game!” – Paul Evans

“Wasn’t this the premise for moving bedlam in the first place? How many of you really thought we would sweep the Sooners? If there’s an OSU/OU rematch in the championship, it’s playing out exactly (almost) as we hoped. In the words of Izzy Mandelbaum, grab your jock, if you need one. It’s go time!” – YetiPoke

“My heart can only take one of those games per season” – Shari Moore

“I’d rather not suffer through that again” – Carly

Let me say, when I proposed this question for our Tuesday survey, I wasn’t sure if it would be this strong in the way of “yes.” For those of you who said yes, but against someone other than OU, you completely missed the point.

If you asked me this question on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday after Bedlam, I’d say no. Which is what I voted. Today? I’m torn. Do I want a second chance to beat OU? Yes. Do I want a shot at the Big 12 title? Yes. Do I want to lose to OU in football twice in one season? It’s hard enough when it happens in basketball, I can only imagine how soul-crushing it would be in football, and in a championship game no less.

Now, OSU getting to the Big 12 title game is a BIG if. And even if they do, facing OU still isn’t guaranteed.

  • Champion: “In the words of Izzy Mandelbaum, grab your jock, if you need one. It’s go time!”

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  • OSU Student

    I’m about to say the craziest, most non-sensical thing I’ve ever said-

    We will be as good/ better than OU next year. I’m nuts, I know, but is it that crazy of a thought? They lose two, maybe three of their linemen this season, which is the driving force of their offense. Baker is gone, of course. Their o-line will be better than ours. But it won’t be as dominant as it is this year. our backs as a whole will be comparable, we have better receivers, and we will each have duel threat quarterbacks, neither of which have proved themselves yet. (Assuming sanders gets the nod.) Most of our defense returns, too. We will be stacked at DL and LB, with Both corners returning. If we aren’t better than them, we won’t be too much worse.

    • spokepokes

      That doesn’t sounds crazy at all. They lose Baker. We lose Mason. Both massive losses. Behind that we both will have dominant athletes at WR and RB. Good o-lines and serviceable defenses. I think we are very close next year in the same way we are close this year.

      • Les Miles

        No. They have better recruits and players. Kyler Murray already has experience playing on the D-1 level. Spencer Sanders doesn’t. We lose everyone off the OL. They get at least two or three guys back on the OL. Their defense (Even though it sucks) has a lot of young players.

        Plus all three of their running backs will be back which they all have over 500 yards rushing this season. Plus they will have CeeDee Lamb and Marquise Brown (the guy that torched us for 265 yards receiving) back.

        Our problem with OU is that we get outcoached Or we find ways to crap the bed against them. I don’t see that changing anytime soon honestly.

        • spokepokes

          We have recruits too big boy. We will be fine.

          • Les Miles

            Go check the recruiting rankings for OU compared to us. I would love to have 4 and 5 star recruits on our offensive line some day.

          • David Isaac Mosley

            Well les you named your daughter smacker……. that’s all any of us need to know about your education level

          • spokepokes

            Let’s just see how next season plays out before we get on our knees for OU

      • OSU Student

        The game being in Norman excites me more than it should. For some reason, our success (which isn’t much) is more of an occurrence in Norman than it is in Stillwater, for some reason.

    • Mark

      I feel like OU has reached a point they truly haven’t been at in a long time: They reload rather than rebuild. Fact is, even their own fan base hasn’t realized that yet, and you hear the trepidation in their voices on the radio when it’s time to make season predictions based on unproven players. Truth, is, they had equal, if not superior talent to OSU’s on the field two weeks ago, and they started out the season with huge question marks at multiple positions.

      OSU is actually almost to that point as well, minus the O-line and QB. At every other position, it feels like they retool and keep on truckin.’ We are against the glass ceiling and banging against it with everything we’ve got…. it’s cracking… but it’s not broken yet.

      • Big D

        OU will have more talent next year top to bottom than they do next year. The incoming QB, Kyler Murray, os a beast and has actually played collegiate football. Our starter, likely, the incoming freshman, wont have. That said though, I still think we’ll be 1 and 2 amd we’ll have a chance at beating them. If we can field a decent O-line Justice Hill may go to New York

      • OSU Student

        I agree with all of this. I will complain and throw a fit just as much as the next person when it comes to our bedlam failures. But I also realize that it’s unfair that our instate rival just happens to be one of the best and storied programs in America. OU will always be there to ruin our seasons, year after year. They aren’t going anywhere. Now, we just have to wait and see if we can get to the point that our year in and year out talent is enough alone to knock them off. It’s just frustrating knowing that there’s other dominant programs, who have in-state rivals, who they lose to far more often than OU does to us.

  • Barrett Reed


    OSU = 41 losses giving up 711 points with a final average team ranking of 37.6
    OU = 22 losses giving up 254 points with a final average team ranking of 8.5

    Since 2010:

    OSU = 25 losses giving up 370 points with a final average team ranking of 21.25
    OU = 20 losses giving up 313 points with a final average team ranking of 12.25

    Statistically OU is declining and OSU is making vast improvements between 2002-2009 and 2010-Current. Our culture is better than in Norman and our team is on the rise. Go Pokes!

    • Guest

      How is Osu’s culture better than Ou’s? Every year OU’s goals are to win the Big 12 and get into the playoff. Here, I think its can we beat OU and win the big 12?, what uni combo are we going with this week and Gundy is so cool, give me a break.

  • Isiah

    My heart will cry. I might quit my job. I might lay in bed and wallow if we suffer another loss.

  • Les Miles

    I said it once and I’ll say it again. I’d rather face a QB with inconsistency like Kenny Trill than face a QB like Baker Mayfield that would probably throw for 600 yards again against the secondary we have.

  • Jerry W. Bear

    GIVE US uo OR FORGET IT!!! Was gooneru good when we played them. Yes. Were we, I didn’t think so although I am sure that their offense and defense had a lot to do with it BUT!!! I also saw a WHOLE LOT that we did to ourselves and the gooners had nothing to do with it. REALLY BAD DECISIONS ON PASSES, BLOCKS, TACKLING AND MOST OF ALL “PLAY CALLING”. I got the feeling that gooneru did not expect to win. Their stupid clothing is showing up more in town than it was the closer it got to game day. I love our COWBOYS, WE CAN BEAT ANYONE IN THIS CONFERENCE AND MOST ANYONE OUT SIDE THE CONFERENCE. CALL PLAYS TO WIN AND WIN OUT THE GAME DON’T SLOW DOWN IN EITHER QUARTER OF ANY GAME. BRING ON THOSE LAND THIEVES AND LETS SHOW THEM WHOSE BEST, IF WIN WE ARE AND WE PROVED IT. IF NOT WELL THEY DID.

  • David Isaac Mosley

    If you say no to this you have absolutely no sack between your legs (ladies talking to you too). I truly do think we can beat baker gayfield and those d!cks in the trailer park wasteland down in Norman. Just need some help from the some people who
    May hate us the most because we “copied” everything they do …… except lose…… wreck’em