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Poll Recap: Cowboy Fans Really Want Another Shot at Oklahoma



Ok. This is the last time I’m writing anything about the Bedlam loss. It was another soul crushing, heart-wrenching loss to OSU’s in-state rivals that left us all a bit emotionally beat up.

That being said, it seems despite the emotional scarring, fans overwhelmingly want another shot at Oklahoma if they can get it.

Of the 2,482 of you that voted, an overwhelming 2,159 voted for a rematch against the Sooners in the Big 12 Championship game. Most of the comments on Twitter and in the post on PFB backed that up.

Your Comments

“Yes because I’m one competitive dude but no, because if we were to lose, my heart/manhood/liver could not take two losses in one season.” – Blake

“Heck yes! That means we would be playing for a Big 12 Championship! I don’t care who it is!” – Shellie

“Prior to Saturday’s game, I would have preferred we face off against TCU, but after Bedlam, I think we can beat anyone in the conference. Getting revenge against the gooners is sweeter than beating the frogs. Bring on Bedlam 2!!” – Seth

“Competitors want to compete! Period end of story! Successful people thrive on it! Losers run from it! Give OU credit made plays and won. Game was an absolute battle. Rematch in Dallas? Why you play the game!” – Paul Evans

“Wasn’t this the premise for moving bedlam in the first place? How many of you really thought we would sweep the Sooners? If there’s an OSU/OU rematch in the championship, it’s playing out exactly (almost) as we hoped. In the words of Izzy Mandelbaum, grab your jock, if you need one. It’s go time!” – YetiPoke

“My heart can only take one of those games per season” – Shari Moore

“I’d rather not suffer through that again” – Carly

Let me say, when I proposed this question for our Tuesday survey, I wasn’t sure if it would be this strong in the way of “yes.” For those of you who said yes, but against someone other than OU, you completely missed the point.

If you asked me this question on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday after Bedlam, I’d say no. Which is what I voted. Today? I’m torn. Do I want a second chance to beat OU? Yes. Do I want a shot at the Big 12 title? Yes. Do I want to lose to OU in football twice in one season? It’s hard enough when it happens in basketball, I can only imagine how soul-crushing it would be in football, and in a championship game no less.

Now, OSU getting to the Big 12 title game is a BIG if. And even if they do, facing OU still isn’t guaranteed.