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Poll Recap: Fans Think James Washington Landed in Best NFL Situation



After weeks — months even — of speculation, we now know where former Cowboys like Mason Rudolph, James Washington, and Tre Flowers will be playing ball next season.

The question of course now is which player is in the best position for a long and successful NFL career? According to you, the fan, Mr. President himself won with more than half of the votes.

Out of the 959 (that’s all?!) of you who voted 489 believe James Washington had the best landing spot.

Similar to your votes this week, the comments were few and far between. Here’s a sampling.

“Washington..gets to learn from Brown & catch deep balls from Big Ben” – Edward Loar

“Mason no doubt. He’s not being asked to start right away, which allows him to sit behind and learn from a HOF. Combine that with playing for arguably the best organization in the NFL and his future is looking bright.” – jt

“All of them because not Cleveland.” – Zombie Willham

I agree with the majority on this one. Washington is going to a good team with a Hall of Fame quarterback and a surplus of weapons. Washington will play right away but not have to deal with opposing teams’ top defenders. Also, he won’t be asked to do a lot. Yes, he will be a likely starter, but he was brought in to replace Martavis Bryant who had 50 catches for 603 yards and 3 touchdowns last year. I think he can replicate that or at least get pretty close to it next season.

The other guy I think is in a good spot? Brad Lundblade. The Seahawks offensive line has been a major problem for the last few years. Lundblade, a former Campbell Trophy finalist, might not be ready to line-up in year one, but he’s a smart and talented player who could at worst provide some quality depth on a line that is desperate for it. Plus, I just think he’s a solid lineman who will find success in the NFL.

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