Poll Recap: Majority of Oklahoma State Fans Excited About Next Football Season

Written by Phillip Slavin

The 2017 Oklahoma State football season hasn’t been over a month, yet we’re already looking forward to 2018. And it can’t get here soon enough.

OSU hasn’t known a summer like this since 2012. A record-setting quarterback and wide receiver gone to the NFL, and the team looking for a new man to lineup behind center.

Despite that fact, it seems OSU fans are excited about the unknown.

Of the 1,978 who voted in our poll this week, 1,068 said they were “very excited” about the season ahead. Combine that with neutral (which I’m going to say is more positive than negative) and Cowboys fans are overwhelmingly positive about what 2018 can bring.

The responses though, seemed a little all over the map, though with some interesting points.

“It’s way too early for this question. I seriously doubt too many folks are already jumping out of their skin for next season. If they are, their problems run much deeper than wanting to see a few college kids play football. Fandom is one thing. Obsession is something entirely different.” – Sonny

“Very excited. Big12 is wide open next year. All teams need new faces to step up in big roles. Offense will see decline but I think defense can be much better than last year (how could it not). We have a good schedule and do not be surprised if the Pokes are in the Big 12 title hunt in November. Im a kool-aid drinker, but I see a year just like this year, we could be a few plays away from 10-11 wins or 8-9 wins. I honestly don’t see us winning less than 8 games.” – AvidLunchableEater

“One of the best teams in the nation over the last ten years… what’s not to be excited about!!” – Mark Alred

“Excited about the real possibility of another 10-win season. Not excited about the real possibility of another poor defense.” – T Bone

“I can’t say very excited yet. If Sanders shows himself to be the real deal and some defensive leaders start to show up, whoever may be running that unit, then I can be very excited.” – Matt Belanger

“As of now neutral. I’m expecting a 2012 type season. 7-8 wins, lower tier bowl, building towards 2019.” – jt

“I’m excited, but not very excited.” – Lukas Evans

I’m going to side with Lukas. It’s still early to get excited about next season with so much still up in the air. Who will be the starting quarterback? Will there be coaching changes? Will Gundy ever want another kick to be returned for a touchdown? Will OSU throw a pass or just hand it off to Justice Hill and Chuba Hubbard every play?

I am excited to go into a season without the stress of “College Football Playoff” expectations. I’m excited for the future and what it might bring.

I’m also more invested in college basketball, the NBA, and season 2 of “The Crown” to give next season a whole ton of mental and emotional investment.

But yeah, I’m excited.

  • David

    How do you pronounce Chuba, anyway? Does it rhyme with Tuba?

    • Mark

      I believe that’s correct…. trying to remember if I’ve ever heard Robert Allen say his name…

    • Joseph C

      Yes. It is “Chew-bah” as opposed to “Chuh-bah”

  • Mark

    I didn’t identify with any of the options. I’m always excited, although it would be a stretch to say “really excited.”

  • davids

    It looks like we will play the role of the hunter. I think we will be a damn good one. I think beating Tech, Texas and Baylor will be necessary!

    • Forever 14

      What if we go 0-3 against those three?

      • davids

        Then we better get ready to stay home during the bowl season or get excited for the Texas Bowl.

  • Forever 14

    Glad to see we’re doubling down on Texas Tech’s path to dominance: with enough offense, you don’t really need a defense. That’s worked out great for them, so why not for us?

  • Tayvl

    I imagine a lot of people who are excited, just not VERY excited, chose “neutral” as the only other option…

  • Guest

    Too early to start thinking (too much) about next season. It will be interesting seeing a new QB at the helm, along with the other new starters. Hope springs eternal, but realistically, 8-9 wins is probably the ceiling for 2018.

    • Darth

      That’s about where I’m at. Ready to see how the basketball teams perform and then about the time they’ll be done with their tournaments it will be time for spring ball and THEN I’ll start getting excited for football.

  • Usetobe Cowboyfan

    Not quite as good as last year. 4th or 5th in the big 12. No not so excited, but if we got a new AD and DC I could get very excited!

  • OSU Student

    We could have half our team suspended for the season and i’d still be excited for the season. It’s college football, how can you not be excited?!