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Poll Recap: OSU Fans Really Like the Defensive Line



With all the talk about Oklahoma State’s offense, both leading up to the season and through the first two games, it’s only fair to note that the defense has performed really well.

After two games, the Oklahoma State defense is allowing 0.9 points per drive. Don’t give me the “it was only Tulsa and South Alabama” argument. We’re not Alabama. We don’t hold any offense to 0.9 points per drive, certainly not two!

With that said, which unit has been the most impressive so far? According to fans, it’s the defensive line.

Of the 701 people who voted, 336 chose the defensive line, which put on a show last week against South Alabama. In most seasons, you would think the corners and safties would earn the nod. However, with a lack of interceptions, and how often the D-line and linebackers got into the back field last week against the Jaguars, its no surprise that the line earned the most votes.

While there weren’t many, the comments backed up the votes.

“D-line. The interior seems fierce, and maybe we don’t have a “star” right now, but that may change by the end of season.” – Mark

“Linebackers- depth is key right now” – Saucy Takes

For me personally, as much fun as seeing interceptions and pass break-ups are, there’s nothing as exciting as watching an opposing team’s quarterback sacked or running back pulled down in the backfield. My favorite stat is TFL, or tackle for a loss. Seeing how well the defensive line and linebackers performed against South Alabama, forcing lost yardage and sacks, was just as exciting as a 70-yard touchdown pass or run.

It will be exciting to see what they can do in their first real test against Pittsburgh. If it’s anything like the first two weeks, the defensive line and linebackers will be two units to watch all season long!

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