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Poll Results: Fans Mostly Split on Two Freshmen Backing Up Justice Hill



As OSU’s season opener against Tulsa grows closer, more and more questions about the upcoming season are being answered. One big question that still remains, is who will back up sophomore running back Justice Hill.

We asked fans who they thought would end up as the Robin to Hill’s Batman, and the results were… surprising.

The 1,485 fans who voted were mostly split between true freshmen Chuba Hubbard and J.D. King. What’s interesting is that despite Hubbard winning the poll, more fans who commented were for pro-King than pro-Hubbard.

Adam M.: “It has to be either Ja’Ron or JD. To me it doesn’t make sense to have a scatback or speedster behind a speedster for 3rd and distance plays.”

Joseph C.: “I think it will be JD King. Everything I’ve heard is that he’s wowing in camp. We all know how incredibly talented he is, and if he’s the second best guy we have you have to play him now. I’m so excited to see the new crop of RB’s get some reps. It will be like a whole new team almost.”

Cdub23456: “King was an absolute beast in high school vs very elite level completion, but Wilson has gotten their attention & isn’t a true frosh. Tossup”

Chris Baker: “I love the idea of Chuba’s speed but his body might not be where it needs to be to take the season of abuse. Look at Ja’Ron Wilson.”

Les Miles: “It’s going to be Wilson or King. Hubbard is a speed back much like Hill and Carr. Gundy says Brown can’t take care of the ball. Process of elimination here means it’s down to Wilson and King.”

I like Hubbard. I had the opportunity to interview him earlier this year over at my previous site. I think he’s a smart, well spoken kid and is going to end up the starter for OSU at some point in his career. However, this season I think there’s a better chance he redshirts than sees the field.

When the season starts, I have a feeling it’s going to be backup by committee with Brown, King, and Wilson all vying for that No. 2 spot. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Brown. I did as much a few weeks ago when I dubbed him one of the five players needed to step up this season.

To me, the best thing for the Cowboys would be to redshirt King and Hubbard and play Brown, Wilson, and Carr behind Hill, letting their performances in the first two games determine who is going to get the most carries as the season progresses.

King and Hubbard should both be studs for OSU, just not this season.

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