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POLL RESULTS: Gundy is not a top 10 coach

But it’s really, really close.



Okay, this was good. My favorite polls are the ones that end about 50/50 and invoke a ton of strong commentary. My question yesterday about whether or not Gundy is a top 10 coach did just that. First, let’s look at the end results (this was as of Wednesday morning:

Answer Percentage
Yes 48%
No 52%

I agree with the majority here though I, like most of you, think it’s pretty close. Off the top of my head here are 10 names I’d put ahead of him:


Gundy is right on the edge there to me with guys like Art Briles, Bill Snyder, Les, Mark Dantonio, James Franklin, and Pat Fitzgerald. It’s tough to know the ins and outs of each coach’s idiosyncrasies and there are approximately 399,000 things that go into making a college football program great (or if you’re OSU, 165,000,000).

The toughest names to include ahead of him — or most questionable — are probably Gus, Jimbo and Bielema. Gus and Jimbo have titles, though and Bielema’s Wisconsin teams were mighty every season. So my final consensus is that it’s really close but he’s not quite in that upper crust. If he goes 10-2 with this year’s team, though…

Some of my favorite comments on this poll question:

Dylan Hays: For me it’s hard to put him in the top 10 with his struggles against Stoops. Maybe when he gets over those issues it will be easier for me to include him. He is definitely top 20 or even 15, but just outside that 10.

Derek Birdsong: He is a top 5 coach for THIS program. He may also be top 5 for other programs (Texas?), or he could barely be top 50 for others (Miami? USC?) Just a thought.

Matt: I’m shocked by all the recent names on this list. Gundy has done a great job at a school with no real history to speak of and has steadily improved each year. He has defied his rankings in most years. The talent he has had, and won with, has been pretty remarkable.

Great stuff from everyone. Let’s keep doing it.

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