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Poll Results: Fans Think Taylor Cornelius Will Be Mason Rudolph’s Backup



One of the big questions heading into the season is who will play Robin to Mason Rudolph’s Batman. While Gundy has narrowed it down to two candidates in Cornelius and Wudtee, we wanted your opinion on who plays No. 2 this season.

The results were… closer than I expected.

The Oil Baron took the win with 526 votes, but Wudtee wasn’t far behind with 366. You guys had some great comments, most of which echoed the final vote:

commonsense: “TC, and it’s not even remotely close. Maybe next year JW or KW can compete, but there’s a bigger gap between TC and those guys than there is between him and Rudolph.”

Chris Saxon: “Cornelius is Choo Choo Chelf 2.0. He’s legit.”

Spencer Thomas McIntosh: “I think KW gets the nod. TC looked better in the Spring game, but why wouldn’t he. He had a full season as with #2 reps. He will still be there if needed. As coach, I would be thinking “What would KW look like taking the #2 reps?” Why not give him a month or so and see how he progresses? They can always go back to TC if he doesn’t progress.”

jt: “Oil Baron but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Wudtee if some type of goal line/short yardage package to take advantage of his duel threat abilities.”

Jared E. Gallagher: “I’d love to see TayCorn as the No. 2 guy and an option to explode opponents’ minds with the other three in a redzone diamond formation.”

kspokesfan: “If Sinor has any hopes of the Heisman he should also be the backup. Have you seen him throw? He is also built like a small Sherman tank. #SinorforHeisman”

** two notes on the comments. First, I’m all in on now referring to Taylor Cornelius as TayCorn. Second, could you imagine four quarterbacks lining up in the diamond. I get that it’s ridiculous, and would probably just end up being a Rudolph to Lacy pass over the middle for 6 yards, but still**

There’s something to be said for experience. Cornelius has been with the program the longest, now entering his fourth year in Stillwater. The redshirt junior hasn’t seen the field during games much, so it’s difficult to grade him beyond the most recent spring game and what coaches have to say.

In reality, none of us want to have to care about who the backup quarterback is beyond who plays in the fourth quarters against South Alabama and Kansas, but it’s still important, because in theory it could tell us who will take the reins of the offense next year.

In my opinion, Cornelius serves as No. 2 and only sees the field in blow-outs. Other quarterbacks, like Keondre Wudtee and John Kolar, might see the field more serving a different role (ie: the Walshing Machine package).

Gundy has a habit of sticking to experience, whether we like it or not. I expect him to stick to his guns this season and naming Cornelius the No. 2 to Rudolph’s No. 1.

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