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Poll: Thunder or Cowboys?



Earlier this week I posed the following poll question:

Would you rather OSU win the Big 12 in football this year or the Thunder win the NBA title?

In retrospect it was probably a terrible question because, well, because this is an OSU blog and maybe such questions should be reserved for blog-offs between Royce and I in the Summer when neither of us has anything to do.

Then the votes started rolling in and my suspicions were confirmed: 86% of you want the Big 12 title.

Maybe it’s the fact that we haven’t won one since 1976 and even then we only shared a piece of the Big 8 with OU. Maybe it’s that we’ve tasted it in the last three years: the Georgia game in ’09, the Texas game last year, the A&M game last year, the OU game last year. We’ve been within single possessions of grasping the crown only to be swatted away time after time by Father Stoops and his legion of title protectors.

It’s gut-wrenching, isn’t it?

But consider this for a moment: we’re all so desperate for a conference title that we’d willingly toss to the side a championship in one of the world’s most popular sports in a fashion that would bring our state millions of dollars and national recognition.

Translation: OSU fans really really really want to win the Big 12.

It’s close too, you can almost sense the confidence emanating from BPS, it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of time. I think the more interesting question, as noted by Nolo the other day, is actually “which one do you think is going to happen first?”

To that end I have to admit I believe the Thunder will be crowned champions of the world before the Cowboys are crowned champions of the Big 12. I think that mostly because I don’t think OSU is going to be able to get it done this year and I’m not sure what the outlook is for the next few. Of course we were all crying and moaning when Zac and Dez left that things would never be the same. I think that probably worked out all right…

On the flip side of things, Q disagrees, he was one of the three or four people who want KD and Co. to hoist the title banner in downtown OKC more than he wants Weeden to tweet pictures of a (real) Big 12 Championship ring.

We’re going to have it out on the podcast on Friday and he might not be invited back if he can’t provide me with some answers.

Your thoughts?

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