Oklahoma State Remains Neutral in National Polls

No movement this week in the polls. (USATSI)
Written by Kyle Boone

After a road victory in Lubbock to improve to 8-0 on the season, Oklahoma State remained neutral at No. 10 in the Amway Coaches Poll and also stayed at No. 12 in the AP top 25 poll.

Oklahoma State has a big opportunity this week as they face No. 5 TCU in Stillwater at 2:30.

  • Clifton Hall

    The one week we should actually move up in the polls…

  • kspokesfan

    In order to move up we need space available. Guess we are just going to have to elbow our way in at the table.
    Move over!! I want pie!!

  • Barry

    We are the lowest ranked 8-0 team from a power 5. It doesn’t matter though. We control our fate.

    • Darth

      Higher than Iowa in the Coaches’ Poll for what it’s worth.
      None of this really matters though. Win out and we’re in.

  • good at cruitin

    if i was a voter, i wouldn’t move OSU up after that 1st half display. In the 1st half we couldn’t stop anything and we also couldn’t rush against the worst rushing defense known to man.
    Texas Christian is going to do unholy things to us next Saturday if Glen doesn’t get his boys to play 2 halves.

    • Thomas

      TCU escaped Tech by a last second miracle. The Pokes pretty well shut down a scoring machine in the second half at Lubock. And scored 70. SEVENTY.

      I think, by far, it should be the frogs who hope they can figure out a way to stay with the Pokes in Stillwater.

      • good at cruitin

        if Spencer can get the D to play 2 halves (not just one) – we’ve got a shot at 9-0. TCU also had trouble with K-state. But – OSU has had trouble with everyone. Should be exciting

        • Thomas

          I think, too, that about 30% of our offensive line woes would be cured by a running back who can see the field and make the right cuts and fight like the game depended on it. That would be you, Raymond.

    • T-Bone

      1st half, we gave up a big run, then our defender fell down to allow the big pass score. Then we threw an interception that we were lucky to hold them to 3 points on. Then we gave up a 100 yard kickoff return. 17 points that may not have happened if not for a bad break. That brings them back to 36 points. 53 was an anomaly. Mahomes is a good player. So is their running back and number 11. I am glad we aren’t playing them again.

  • davids

    This is the week for the Cowboys.!! All the national writers talk about is our narrow victories and beating only Tech with a winning record. Hmm… kinda sounds like our opponent this week. Hope Peterson is 100%

    • spokepokes

      CMU has a winning record.

      • davids

        Absolutely right. I can’t believe I missed that because I have followed them about every week. They lost a tough one in East Lansing giving up two late scores but did gain more yards than Mich St., They lost to Syracuse in OT on the road and lost a tough conference game to Western Michigan. They get to play 20th ranked Toledo in two weeks. I think that was a good road win for the Cowboys! Thursday night National TV and the biggest game of the year for Central Michigan… thanks for reminding me.

    • T-Bone

      I hope Lampkin and Bean are ok also.