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Power Rankings: The 10 Best GIFs in Oklahoma State Football History



This is a tricky subject to rank, as the Internet is a vast wasteland of random and obscure material. That said, I did manual Google searches for hours in hopes of locating the best Oklahoma State football gifs available. I’d prefer to not discuss the amount of time I have on my hands.

The list below contains my ten favorite gifs, but what’s great is you may have access to some I don’t know exist yet. Feel free to leave those in the comments and we’ll all marvel in wonderment at how I could have missed such a gem. It’ll be great.

Without further a do…

10. Pistol Pete’s Crazy Leg Move Volume 1

Because Pistol Pete’s crazy leg move made headlines during last week’s Central Michigan game, I found it great this gif exists. This would be the Baylor game from 2013 – a game the Cowboys won by a score of 49-17.


The guy inside changes. The moves stay the same.

9. Depressed Turkey Leg Kid

I was at Oklahoma State for 4 years…eh…4.5 years…and I can probably admit to doing some half-hearted wheat waving at times. But nothing will ever top this, right? Nothing ever could.


(This could also be the disclaimer for the excitement involved when you play Kansas.)

8. Barry Sanders Heisman Raise

This one is self-explanatory. The monumental level of cool this gif emotes is staggering. The dude doesn’t even crack a smile!


7. The “I Can’t Even”

I’m into this gif because we’ve all been there before, right? You’re watching the Cowboys, your outfit is on point…..and then the Pokes go and do something that leaves you with this facial expression. Classic.


6. Don’t Trust Corso with a Gun

Seems pretty intuitive at this point, but we keep handing firearms to Lee Corso when he visits Stillwater. Kirk Herbstreit’s reaction pretty much says it all, although I’ve long doubted his toughness.





Confusion leading it all the way to number 5. Impressive.

4. The “What the Heck, Bro?!”

Pistol Pete is out there being cool, minding his business. Ball comes out of nowhere and goes straight into attack mode.


I like this gif because the arm toss says exactly what happened: “I can’t see anything coming with this gigantic Cowboy head on.”

3. Gundy Breaks it Down – Volume 1

We all know Big Mike is down to boogie – we know this. I love this for obvious reasons, one being the reaction of the guys around him. Use this gif in any situation that requires celebration.


2. Barry Takes Flight

Not to regurgitate my line about Mr. Sanders from earlier, but excuse me while I do:


The monumental amount of cool this gif emotes is staggering.

1. Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Gundy

This particular move from Mike Boogie is the one I think of when I think about him dancing. The erratic movements. The weird, drop it to the floor while creating a bridge with your body thing he does. This is peak Gundy Dance, folks. In gif form.


There you have it – my top 10 Oklahoma State football gifs. Like I said earlier, feel free to shoot me your favorites. We’ll compare.

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