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Predictions Update



Before the season started I made some predictions. Most were conservative (I thought), some were obscure, and a couple were downright ridiculous (see #40).

Throughout the season I’ll be updating where I stand on a lot of these so you can see up close the knowledge and depth of insight I have regarding this team and this season (insert sarcastic tone here).

Herschel Sims
20. Will rush for more yards this year than Joseph Randle did last year (463) – This is not looking good at all, especially after he pushed out this tweet post-game 1.

The Offense
22. Will put up 50 in each of their first three games – Still alive, though it looked on life support in the 3rd quarter for a while.

23. Will run a flea-flicker as the first play of the year – This was over two minutes in.

25. Will go for it on fourth down at least 20 times – Only 1 in game 1, but what was the point really?

26. Will have more than five OL start a game this year – This is looking like a lock with the number of guys Gundy ran out there in the opener.

28. Will have 10 WR catch at least one pass in a game four different times – One for one so far.

The Defense
31. Will have a top 40 scoring defense – Weeden is KILLING me here.

The team
34. Will not wear the gray jerseys more than once – This one didn’t get off to a resounding start, though I’ve got a puncher’s chance since maybe nobody liking them will make the team take them off the rotation.

36. Will be north of the over/under line at least eight times – One down.

39. Will not lose at home – Five more.

I’m not sure why I didn’t make any “this team will lead the country in yards or points” predictions. If Saturday’s lackluster performance is any indication of what’s to come, considering they still had 666 yards (leads the country) and 61 points (top ten in the country), then they’re going to make another run at Boise St. and Oregon in both of those categories.

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