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Preview: West Virginia Wrestling




Start: 7:00 PM
Location: Stillwater, OK (Gallagher-Iba Arena)
Television: None
Radio: 93.7 KSPI-FM (Roger Moore & Rex Holt)
Live Internet


Cowboys – 8-0
Mountaineers – 0-0

Best win

Cowboys – Iowa Hawkeyes (#3)
Mountaineers – N/A ranking

Cowboys – #2
Mountaineers – #46

Three things to watch

1. West Virginia should not pose many problems to the Cowboys today, but some weight classes should not be overlooked. West Virginia has some very good wrestlers, and gives some of OSU’s weaker weight classes a chance to win some big matches and gain some confidence.

2. Each Oklahoma State wrestler I’m sure is chomping at the bit to get out and wrestle and earn some type of bonus-point or highlight-reel move considering everybody was held in check as of last match-up versus the Hawkeyes.

3. Individual Match-ups: Look for some good upset wins from Eddie Klimara (125) and Julian Feikert (141). Look for some bad upset wins for the Mountaineers at 157 and 184.

Projected matches

125 – Eddie Klimara (NR) vs Shane Young (#23)

Shane Young is a senior for the Mountaineers. He has been a four-year starter for the Mountaineers and has garnered a lot of experience and a lot of big matches in his career. Klimara has the potential and the ability to beat Shane Young in this match, but it is going to come down to whether or not he has the confidence to win against a mid-level opponent.

Prediction: 6-2 Young

133 – Jon Morrison (#5) vs Colin Johnston (#25)

Morrison should be able to rack up a couple takedowns on his way to a dominant performance against yet another ranked opponent. This should be an entertaining match for the crowd.

Prediction: 12-4 Morrison

141 – Julian Feikert (NR) vs Nathan Pennesi (#14)

It just doesn’t get any easier for Feikert. He is up against West Virginia’s toughest wrestler. A junior for the Mountaineers, Pennesi is on trak to be one of West Virginia’s most decorated wrestlers. Feikert certainly has the ability to win this match, a la Klimara, but Pennesi will come out with a swagger that Feikert must be ready for.

Prediction: 7-5 Pennesi

149 – Jordan Oliver (#1) vs Tim Wheeling (NR) or Tre Miller-Scott (NR)

With West Virginia’s normal starter, Brutus Scheffel, out for this match with an ankle injury, expect a back-up in this match. We all know what happens when back-ups wrestler Jordan. Although, don’t be surprised if Scheffel ends up wrestling and gives Oliver a tough match in the future, as he and his brother are two of the stronger wrestlers on West Virginia’s team.

Prediction: Pin Oliver

157 – Alex Dieringer (#9) vs Jason Luster (NR)

Being from Georgia, I am lucky enough to know very much about Jason Luster. He grew up and began his high school wrestling career in Georgia, and then went on a nation-wide high school tour, wrestling at many different schools, finally ending up in Pittsburgh. Luster is not a flashy wrestler, and frankly, doesn’t have many moves, but he is incredible on his feet. He has won everything that a prep wrestler can win (Ironman, Beast of the East, Prep Nationals). With that being said, Dieringer is the better overall wrestler, but it is going to come down to the neutral position, as Luster has no ability to ride Dieringer and he is very good at standing up from bottom. Be careful here.

Prediction: 8-3 Dieringer

165 – Tyler Caldwell (#3) vs Dominic Prezzia (NR) or Ross Renzi


Expect to see Renzi in this match, since he has been wrestling the past several weeks for the Mountaineers, and has the greater upside when it comes to career success. Caldwell should have no issue here, and as fans, we all should be praying for Caldwell to really open up and score some bonus points in this match.

Prediction: 6-1 Caldwell

174 – Chris Perry (#1) vs Bubba Scheffel (NR)

Although he is not ranked, Scheffel is one of the stronger wrestlers for the Mountaineers. Expect a tough match from him in this dual, only thing is, he has quite the match-up with Perry. Should be tough to get bonus points here unless the first period really goes Perry’s way.

Prediction: 10-3 Perry

184 – Chris Chionuma (#10) vs Lance Bryson (#28)

Well, after that huge confidence boost last week, let’s hope Chionuma can keep the momentum going his way against a formidable opponent who has missed some time this year with an injury. This is a scary match-up for Chewy because Bryson wrestles everyone close. He Held Penn State’s Ed Ruth to only a major decision, and has lost a match by more than 3 points very few times in the last several years. Expect one takedown to be the difference either way here. An upset would be interesting for both the dual and for Chionuma here. But the edge has to go to Chionuma with his recent wins and advances in his skills, but again, don’t be surprised by any upset here.

Prediction: 4-3 Chionuma

197 – Blake Rosholt (#5) vs A.J. Vizcarrondo (NR)

Another promising freshman for the Mountaineers here, Vizcarrondo has prep credentials that make him a worthy freshman. Expect Rosholt to use his strength and experience to his advantage here.

Prediction: 7-3 Rosholt

HWT – Alan Gelogaev (#3) vs Phil Mandzik (NR)

Mandzik is a big guy, expect there to be a slight change in the way Gelogaev wrestles here, but don’t expect a change in the results. Should see some pretty amazing and high-flying moves for Gelogaev on his way to a pin against Mandzik.

Prediction: Pin Gelogaev


Cowboys 31-6

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